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Quick Look Course Summary:Strategic Execution Masterclass: Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating Your Operational Plan
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  • Length: 3 day(s)

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  • Certification Type:Non-Accredited

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    Strategic Execution Masterclass: Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating Your Operational Plan


    The course on “Implementing an Operational Plan” provides attendees with the skills to improve goal achievement, resource allocation, and stakeholder engagement. They will learn to develop operational plans with SMART objectives aligned with the organization’s strategy and efficiently utilize resources while ensuring effective stakeholder communication. The course emphasizes data-driven decision-making, fostering a culture of continuous improvement for better performance. Participants will also acquire the ability to tailor strategies, manage risks, and make strategic decisions to adapt to changing business environments. Attending this course equips individuals with a comprehensive skill set to drive successful operational planning and implementation, contributing to overall organizational success.  

    Course outcomes

    • Implement an Operational Plan:
      • Importance of implementation for achieving organizational goals
      • Organizing the implementation process effectively
      • Creating realistic timelines and resource allocation
      • Engaging stakeholders for support
      • Monitoring progress and making timely adjustments
      • Fostering adaptability and resilience during implementation
      Develop an Operational Plan for a Unit:
      • Conducting situational analyses and defining SMART objectives
      • Creating actionable strategies and resource allocation
      • Effective organizational structuring and team-building
      • Emphasizing stakeholder communication and engagement
      • Aligning unit objectives with the organization’s strategic vision
      Monitor, Measure, and Evaluate the Achievement of Goals and Objectives:
      • Defining specific and measurable goals
      • Identifying relevant key performance indicators (KPIs)
      • Selecting appropriate data collection methods
      • Regular progress monitoring and deviation identification
      • Data-driven decision-making and fostering a culture of continuous improvement
      Develop Operational Strategies for a Unit:
      • Formulating effective operational strategies through comprehensive analyses
      • Tailoring strategies for the unit’s unique context
      • Implementation planning and risk management
      • Aligning strategies with stakeholder needs and expectations
      • Evaluating strategy effectiveness and adaptability to changing environments

    Target Audience

    • Managers
    • Project Managers
    • Supervisors
    • Business Analysts
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Strategy Professionals
    • Change Management Specialists
    • Organizational Development Professionals
    • Non-Profit and Public Sector Professionals
    • Anyone seeking professional development in operational planning and implementation.
    It is assumed that learners are competent in:
    • Computer Literacy at NQF Level 4.
    • Communication at NQF Level 4.
    • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 4.

    Course duration

    3 days

    Unit Standard Covered

    Develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan,  SAQA I.D. 59201 NQF Level: NQF Level 05, Unit Standard:  252032,Number of credits:  8  

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