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Quick Look Course Summary:Word 2013 Advanced Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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  • Certification Type: Non-Accredited

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    Word 2013 Advanced Course: Introduction

    This is the second of three courses on Word 2013. The user interface has changed and there are a number of added features. In this course we will focus on the picture tools, graphics, and other objects that add visual appeal to your documents, also included is advanced formatting.

    Word 2013 Advanced Course :Course Outline

    The most commonly used application by the everyday computer user is Word, and we welcome participants to our workshop on Word 2013. This is an advanced workshop thus if you are hesitant to jump into the advanced workshop, we do have an essentials workshop on Word 2013 that you can cut your teeth on. As always our computer courses are practical workshops where participants will have the opportunity to practice what they learn on computers. We also include our pre-workshop review form, so that participants can show our trainer what they are familiar with and what they would like to learn.

    The Word 2013 interface looks slightly different from previous versions but is as user-friendly as Microsoft could make it. There is a new landing screen making launching and creating documents easier and work can now edit PDF without the need to convert them first. The first thing we’ll examine is the view tab on the ribbon. Splitting documents has been retained and we will practice customising the ribbon and the quick access toolbar. The clipboard is back with even more options and we’ll practice using the clipboard effectively and also advanced formatting, such as borders and shading and text effects. Word 2013 also introduces a phonetic guide, to help users with pronunciation and spelling and this is especially helpful if English is not your first language, or if you’re translating a document into another language.

    We move on to inserting illustrations such as pictures from a file, online pictures, WordArt, shapes, Smart Art and screenshots. Once participants have learned to add pictures, we’ll practice advanced functions such as formatting, removing the background, adding borders, text-wrapping and layering objects.TIP: The remove background feature allows the user to remove a picture’s background to highlight the subject or remove details that distract from the focus of the picture, or simply to make a more eye-catching picture. The background can be removed automatically, or the user can indicate which areas to remove. In module seven we will teach students how to work with tables. Word has a number of options for adding tables and adding text to the tables. Participants will the more advanced functions of modifying rows and columns and formatting tables including how to use quick tables. Now that participants have learned how to edit and format text, add pictures and tables and customise them to the user’s specifications, we look at inserting special objects. These are objects that polish your document even further. We look at cover pages, headers, footers, indexing and bibliographies. Several of these objects can be downloaded as ready-made templates online saving the user the trouble of formatting. A new feature to word is adding or inserting an app into a document. As we end the workshop we review documents and learn how to use advanced research tools and add videos to their documents and lastly how to track and change documents.

    Course Outline

    1. Exploring Text Techniques
    Adding hyperlinks
    Inserting fields
    Adding Bookmarks and Cross References

    2. Exploring Reference Tools
    Creating Master Documents
    Adding Footnotes and End notes
    Creating and Editing a Table of Contents
    Creating and Editing an Index
    Table of Figures
    Table of Authorities
    Adding Sources and Compiling Bibliographies

    3. Using Mail Merge
    Introduction to Mail Merge
    Using an Outlook Contact List as a Data Source
    Preparing Data Sources
    Preparing Main Documents
    Merging Main Documents and Data Sources
    Sending Personalised Emails to Multiple Recipients
    Printing Envelopes
    Creating and Printing Labels

    5. Word Collaboration
    Sending Documents Directly from Word
    Co-authoring Documents
    Adding and Editing Comments
    Tracking Document changes
    Comparing and Merging Document Changes
    Document Restrictions
    Password-Protecting Documents
    Controlling Changes

    5. Working more efficiently in Word
    Styles and Templates
    Default Program Options
    Customising the Ribbon
    Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
    Macros and Enabling Macros
    Recording a New Macro
    Running a Macro
    Copying Macros

    Word 2013 Advanced Course: Course Duration

    1 day/s

    Who should attend: Word 2013 Advanced Course

    This course is intended for intermediate users of Microsoft Word.

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