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Quick Look Course Summary:Developing Creativity Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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    Developing Creativity Course: Introduction

    Developing creativity includes divergent thought, problem solving and brainstorming, all of which are discussed in this comprehensive course.

    Developing Creativity Course :Course Outline

    This course is a soft skills course, business people in the fields of leadership, service and sales are invited to take part as well, since it sometimes takes thinking out of the box to best serve your customer or sell your product or be a successful leader. This course links back to the workshop on creative problem solving. Creative thinking is difficult to define because of its many forms, people usually associate creativity with are but this is not true. Creativity is original thought, divergent thought, problem solving, inspiration and imagination. Remember motivation inspires creativity.TIP: Removing the mental block. If creative writing is your passion, if you hit a mental block keep to your daily writing count, whether it’s a thousand words or four thousand words a day – keep doing it so that your brain can weed out the block. What you write may be rubbish but when the block has been overcome you’ll be back on track. Creativity is something that can evolve in one’s mindset. It is just like a muscle, if you use it, it becomes stronger, if you don’t – you lose it. Enabling creative thinking to thrive in your mind requires an open mind. It also helps if your attitude is positive. Making associations is an excellent mental activity to increase creativity. It is also important to question the world around you, be self aware and be confident in your creative thought process. Curiosity is a trait that should be cultivated as it is imperative to creative thought. Begin by defining your passion and then learn more about it. Ask yourself open ended questions and let the creativity flow from there. The product of your creativity or creative thought is a part of you. If you don’t risk sharing it, it may not even as well exist for all the good it does. Authors, artists, indeed anyone in a creative environment take a risk to share of themselves every time they show a painting or publish a book. Don’t be afraid to take the risk and do develop a thick skin. There will be people who don’t like it, but they will be outnumbered by the number of people who do. The recognition from your work is worth the risk. As an example J.K. Rowling was rejected by seventy eight publishers before a small unheard of publishing house agreed to publish Harry Potter. What would have happened if she decided the rejection wasn’t worth it and stopped applying after her second rejection? Or worse after the seventy seventh rejection? We end of the workshop on creativity by giving participants some practical tips to induce creativity and explain how creative thought applies in a work situation. To reserve your spot in this course please contact us at 011 882 8853 or 072 630 4789.

    The outcomes of the course (Innovation & Creative Thinking Training Course) include:

    Analyse own organization (Public or Private) in terms of opportunities for innovation. Identify features of an environment that promotes innovation. Environment conducive to innovation include openness, creative thinking, questioning, encouragement of risk-taking, rewards for innovation, as well as a culture of enquiry, challenging the status quo and learning from mistakes. The features of an environment conducive to innovation. Does the current environment promote innovation.

    Demonstrate understanding of the techniques for promoting creativity. Creativity and innovation techniques are identified in terms of generally accepted theory and practice. Three techniques for promoting creativity are explained with practical examples. Develop a plan for creating an environment conducive to innovation. The role of the organization (Public or Private) manager in creating an environment conducive to innovation is described with reference to continuous improvement and innovation of the organization (Public or Private). The processes, actions and approaches necessary to create an environment conducive to innovation are recorded in the plan. The implementation of the plan is described and promoted within the organization (Public or Private)
    Lead a team through a creative thinking process. Techniques for promoting innovation and creativity are applied to generate ideas for a new or improved process, project or product. A number of alternative solutions are generated in relation to the process, project or product. The best alternative is selected. A concept is developed and recorded and communicated for implementation.
    Demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems and how innovations in one area could impact on another.
    Use science and technology to assist with idea generation and to record ideas.
    Participating as responsible citizens in the life of local, national and global communities.
    Developing entrepreneurial opportunities.

    Developing Creativity Course: Course Duration

    1 day/s

    Who should attend: Developing Creativity Course

    This course is intended for anyone interested in developing their creativity.

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