Quick Look Course Summary:Emotional Intelligence Works Training Course Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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Emotional Intelligence Works Training Course Course: Introduction

Some people think emotional intelligence is more important than the person’s intelligence quota. They would be correct. Although there is a link between high intelligence quotas and high emotional intelligence quotas. Your intelligence quota helps you to learn new things, remember things and develop skills. Your emotional intelligence helps you to learn more about yourself and how you connect to other people. Its not so much as learning about new things, but learning about feelings and emotions. The core of emotional intelligence is inter-personal interaction and intra-personal interaction. Emotional Intelligence is becoming more important in business as well. People who are aware of their EQ generally know how to act and react among different people, and the long and short of that is less conflict, more productivity.

Emotional Intelligence Works Training Course Course :Course Outline

1. Think Smart Strategies
Think Wisely

Self-Awareness Skills
A : Understand your Brain
B : Hear Yourself think
C: Stop Responding Automatically
The STEP Model
Motivators and Warning Signs
Use a New Mental Script

Optimistic Thinking
A : Determine How Optimistic or Pessimistic You Are
B : Talk to yourself Differently
C: Discover Meaning in Your Work
D: Care for Yourself and Others
Think Smart Summary

2. Be Smart Strategies
The Three Keys

Social Skills
A : Expand Your Emotional Vocabulary
B : Improve Your Listening Skills
C : Adapt to the Communication Needs of Others

Emotional Control
A : Keep Your Brain Engaged
B : Prepare a Script to handle Angry People
C: Confront Negators
D : Build Up Your Energy

A : Use Your Energy Wisely
B : Change Yourself
C : Focus on Positives
D : Explore Options to Solve Problems
Be Smart Summary

3. Work Smart Strategies
Six Strategies for Smart Organisations
Practice Organisational Self-Awareness

Develop Social Skills
A : Use Emotions-On Training
B : Have a Positive Relationship with the Learner
C : Connect Learning to Doing

Foster Optimism
A : Connect the Present to the Future
B : Assess Level of Optimism versus Pessimism

Encourage Flexibility and problem Solving
A : Imagine the Future
B : Use Problem Solving Guidelines

Model and Encourage Emotional Control
A : Foster Civility
B : Develop Civil Guidelines

Support Teamwork
A : Harmonise Input
B : Raise Passion
C : Build Energy at Team Meetings
Work Smart Summary

Assertive Power Steps
Four Steps to Assertive Communication
Step 1: Repeat the Question or Statement
Step 2: Command, Don’t Ask
Step 3: Add Emotion
Step 4: Introduce Consequences

7. Assertive Confrontation
Defining the Problem
Five Tools for Successful Confrontation
Active Listening
Goals for the Present and Future
Give Yourself Credit for Success

Emotional Intelligence Works Training Course Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Emotional Intelligence Works Training Course Course

This course is a self-enrichment course for anyone interested in emotional intelligence.

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