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Quick Look Course Summary:Administering SQL Server Databases 2012 Course
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  • Length: 3 day(s)

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    Administering SQL Server Databases 2012 Course

    Course Introduction

    This course introduces participants to the SQL Server platform. Participants will learn about SQL editions, the basics of network listeners and services and service accounts. The course covers creating databases and moving databases between servers. Other topics include the SQL Server Backup and several types of backup options and fixed server roles, user-defined server roles and both fixed and user-defined database roles.

    Course Outline

    1. Introduction to SQL Server and Toolset

    Introduction to the SQL Server Platform
    Introduction to the SQL Server Tools
    Configuring SQL Server Services

    2. Preparing Systems for SQL Server 2012

    An Overview of SQL Server Architecture
    Planning Server Resource Requirements
    Pre-installation Testing for SQL Server

    3. Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2012
    Preparing to Install SQL Server
    Installing SQL Server
    Upgrading and Automating Installation

    4. Working with Databases

    An Overview of SQL Server Databases
    Creating Databases
    Files and File groups
    Moving Database Files

    5. SQL Server 2012 Recovery Models

    Understanding SQL Server Transaction Logging
    Recovery Strategies
    Planning a SQL Server Recovery Strategy

    6. Backup of SQL Server 2012 Databases
    Managing Database Backups
    Backup Options
    Backing up Databases and Transaction Logs

    7. Restoring SQL Server 2012 Databases
    Understanding the Process of Restoring Databases
    Restoring Databases
    Understanding Point-In-Time Recovery
    Restoring System Databases and Individual Files

    8. Importing and Exporting Data

    Using the Import and Export Wizard
    The Relation to SSIS
    Transferring Data To/From SQL Server
    Inserting Data in Bulk

    9. Authenticating and Authorising Users
    Authenticating Connections to SQL Server
    Authorising Logins to Access Databases
    Authorisation Across Servers

    10. Assigning Server and Database Roles

    Fixed Server Roles
    User Defined Server Roles
    Fixed Database Roles
    User Defined Database Roles

    Course Duration

    3 day/s

    Who should attend

    This course is intended for programmers, SQL Server.

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