Quick Look Course Summary:MicroStation 3D Course
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  • Length: 3 day(s)

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  • Certification Type:ACREDDITED

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MicroStation 3D Course: Introduction

This is a Level 3 course for graphic designers, web designers and anyone with experience in creating graphics and pictures. Previous experience in graphic design is essential.

MicroStation 3D Course :Course Outline

1. Introduction to Micro Station 3D
Introduction to Level 3 Course
Previous skills
Work habits
Units of measure

2. Models and Views
File Settings
Design Cube
View Window Orientations
Rotating View Coordinates
View controls versus the view control bar
Setting Active Depth
Setting Display Depth
Clip Volume Display

3. AccDraw in 3D
Define Compass Orientations
View Compass Orientations
Design Cube Orientation
ACS Orientations
3D Point input

4. 3D Primitive Tools
Slab solid tool
Sphere solid tool
Cylinder solid tool
Cone solid tool
Torus solid tool
Wedge solid tool
Pyramid solid tool
Elliptical cone solid tool
Ellipsoid tool
Polyhedron tool
Apply Standard Editing Tools to 3D Elements
Develop Primitive Element Skills

5. Create Solids Tools
Solid by Extrusion tool
Solid by Revolution tool
Solid by Extrusion Along a Path tool
Solid by Thicken Surface tool
Linear Solid tool

6. Modify Solids Tools
Draw on solid tool
Modifying solids using the Modify Solid Entity tool
Delete Solid Entity tool
Taper Solid tool
Shell Solid tool
Replace Face tool
Boolean Unite Solids tool
Intersect Solids tool
Subtract Solids tool
Trim Solids tool
Cut Solid tool
Fillet Edges tool
Chamfer Edges tool
Edit Primitive tool

7. Solids Utility Tools
Convert to Solid tool
Align 3D tool
Change Smart Solid Display tool
Extract Face or Edge Geometry tool
Remove Entity be Size tool

8. Create Surfaces
Review B-spline curve generation methods
Discuss methods of 3D surface display
Primitive surfaces creation
Create Surfaces tool box

9. Free-Form Surfaces
Loft Surfaces tool
Loft Surfaces by Vertices tool
Swept Surfaces Along Curves tool
Helical Surface tool
Loft Rectangle to Circle tool
Surfaces by Network of Curves tool
Construct surfaces by Edges tool
Surface by Corner Points tool
B-spline Surfaces by Points tool
Planar Surfaces by Points tool

10. Modify Surfaces
Trim Surfaces tool
Trim Surfaces by Curves tool
Untrim tool
Stitch Surfaces tool
Offset Surfaces tool
Change Normal direction tool
Extend Surface tool
Merge Surface to Edge tool
Fillet surfaces tool
Blend Surfaces tool
Modifying B-spline surfaces tool box
Surface Utilities tool box
Mesh tools

11. 2D / 3D, Cells, and Patterning
Import / Export 2D / 3D Designs
Cell in 3D
Patterning in 3D
Google’s 3D Warehouse tools

12. Drawing Composition
General Concepts
Sheet View Exercise
Create Dynamic Views Options
Apply Dimensions
Apply Annotations
Apply the Copy or Fold Reference tool

13. Perspective Views and Basic Camera Setup
Basic Perspective Layouts
Change View Perspective tool
Camera tool

14. Lights and Advanced Camera Settings
Luxology Introduction
Lighting Types
Placing Lights
Area Lights
Saving Rendered views
Advanced Camera Settings

15. Material Assignments
New Base Drawing for Material Application
Material Options and Settings
Material Definitions
Colour and Level Material Assignments
Attributes Material Assignments
Assigning Procedural Textures
Save Settings in External Material and Palette Files

16. Advanced Rendering Setup
Import House Design
3D Cells Creation
Wall and Ceiling Materials
Window Insertion
Exterior Finishes
Multi-Layer Materials

17. Luxology Photo-Realistic Rendering
Interactive vs. Photo-Relisting Rendering
Photo-Realistic Rendering Methods
Luxology interiors rendering
Special Material Effects
Luxology Settings for Exterior Scenes
Environment Settings for Scenes
Sun Image and Fog Effects

18. Solar Studies and Fly Through
Solar Studies
Fly Throughs

MicroStation 3D Course: Course Duration

3 day/s

Who should attend: MicroStation 3D Course

This course is intended for programmers, microstation 3D

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