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Quick Look Course Summary:Increasing Your Happiness Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

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Increasing Your Happiness Course: Introduction

This course focuses on the various things that happy people do, we have ten secrets to increasing your happiness to share with you.

Increasing Your Happiness Course :Course Outline

Ten things happy people do. They plan ahead. Happy people prepare tonight to be happy tomorrow. They have a good nightly routine, they get 8 hours of sleep, they make some time for themselves in the morning and they plan their trip to work to arrive early. They plan their day. Happy people arrive early at work, giving themselves enough time for anything unexpected to happen. Happy people know what they’re going to do for the day because they create to-do lists. These include breaks for coffee and lunch. They relate to others. Happy people greet their colleagues with a smile and socialize with their colleagues building a rapport before the day’s work begins. My happy place. Happy people have a happy work space; they clear their space of excess clutter, add a personal touch and have something green and alive in their work area. Don’t worry, if you don’t have green fingers you can fake it with a fake plant. Accentuate the positive. Happy people affirm their happiness to themselves every day, usually by means of a gratitude journal. They seek out other happy people and they limit their negative interactions. Happy people, build friendships. Use benefits. Happy people are not martyrs, they use their vacation and other paid time off. You will often find happy people are also healthy people with gym memberships or health club memberships. If you have an employee assistance program, make use of it. Take control of career happiness. Happy people are not wish-wash, they don’t flounder around wondering how to get from A to B. They take control of their professional development and constantly seek feedback to remain on the right track. They practice professional courage, they address, deal with and defuse conflicts. Happy people seek mentors and seek to mentor others. They set boundaries. Happy people have learned to say ‘no’. They will work as hard as anyone else, but they know when it’s time to quit and refocus. They know when to call it a day and they know they’re no good to anyone working for days on end. They practice positivity. Happy people keep their interactions with others positive, they practice gratitude and address conflict and misunderstandings directly. Happy people look for the silver lining in every cloud. They choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice and happy people choose to be happy, they choose their response to stress. Happy people do one thing every day that they love and enjoy. Happy people seek to make positive changes. 1.Introduction
Workshop Objectives

2. Plan ahead for happiness
Have a nightly routine
Get 8 hours of sleep
Wake up early to allow “me” time
Allow enough time to arrive early
Case study

3. Plan your day
Arrive early
Check for action items
Create a to-do list for the day
Build in breaks
Case study

4. Relate to others
Greet your colleagues
Build your support team
Take time to socialise
Case study

5. Go to your happy work space
Create a workspace that makes you happy
Clear the clutter
Bring in personal touches
Add some green
Case study

6. Accentuate the positive
Use a daily affirmation
Surround yourself with positive people
Limit your negative interactions
Build friendships
Case study

7. Use your benefits
Use your time off
Gym or health club memberships
Employee assistance programs
Explore other benefits
Case study

8. Take control of your career happiness
Take control of your professional development
Get feedback
Practice professional courage
Mentoring and mentoring others
Case study

9. Set Boundaries
Learn to say No
Learn to say Yes
Protect your downtime
When to call it a day
Case study

10. Practice Positivity
Keep interactions positive
Practice Gratitude
Address conflict and misunderstandings directly
Look for the silver lining
Case study

11. Choose to be happy
Happiness is a choice
Choose your stress response
Do one thing every day that you love
Seek to make positive changes
Case study

12. Topics not discussed
Post workshop overview

Increasing Your Happiness Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Increasing Your Happiness Course

This is a self-enrichment course for anyone wanting to improve their happiness.

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