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Quick Look Course Summary:Employee Recognition Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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  • Certification Type:Non-Accredited

  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

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    Employee Recognition Course: Introduction

    We teach participants in this course how to recognise the achievements of their employees.

    Employee Recognition Course :Course Outline

    • Walmart have a particularly good program for employee recognition.
    • They guard their secrets with their very lives, but it is possible to find out how Walmart does it, and how you could emulate their program.
    • We have all seen the ‘free recognition’ memes on Facebook and other social platforms. The Employee of the Month photo on the big whiteboard which, while pronouncing Ben to be the employee of the month, also sports a litany of messages to Ben, all of which are funny. See what they did right there?
    • The original stodgy Employee of the Month award nobody looks at twice, is now examined by everybody working at that Walmart and everybody on social networks who see the post.
    • Ben isn’t just getting a high five from his team leader, his colleagues have injected humour and elevated the recognition from something pertaining to one store in one town to a global market.
    • That’s good PR, but then again, Walmart are known for it.
    • Anyway, Walmart levels of recognition are what we are aiming to teach you.
    • In this workshop we will teach you to assess the type of Employee Recognition program your company needs, we will show you how to train leaders to recognize their employees.
    • You will know when and where recognition is needed and we will give you the skills to maintain your employee recognition program.
    • We will kick things off by examining the different types of incentives will best suit your company, your budget and your employees.
    • In module three we will help you design a program appropriate to your company.
    • We all know what the SMART method is, we will now introduce the SMART format. This is an acronym for Sincere, Meaningful, Adaptable, Relevant and Timely.
    • The most important consideration must be the budget, you do not want to implement a reward program this year only to withdraw it next year due to budget constraints.
    • TIP: A great idea for on the spot recognition would be providing managers with company cards. The goal of employee recognition is to increase the repetition of desirable behaviour, so the reward must fit whatever is being recognized. The team leader on a gold mine shift would require a very different sort of recognition; especially one that fits with his culture.
    • We wrap our workshop up by introducing a few ideas for small gestures of recognition that will be applicable to any company. We tell you when to roll out the red carpet and last but not least we end with a list of don’ts and maintenance of your program.

    Detailed Course Outline

    1. Introduction
    Workshop objectives

    2. Types of incentives
    Safety incentives
    Years of service
    Attendance and wellness
    Case study

    3. Designing Employee Recognition Programs
    Employee involvement
    Keep it simple
    Case study

    4. How to get the word spread
    Be creative with designs
    Paper the walls
    Use social media
    Go mobile

    5. It starts from the top
    Identifying desirable behaviours
    Understanding the goals of the company
    Setting guidelines
    Providing recognition templates
    Case study

    6. Creating a culture of recognition
    Keep your staff informed
    Empower employees with peer to peer recognition
    Teambuilding: Encourage camaraderie
    Motivate by promoting fun
    Case study

    7. The best things in life are free
    Spotlight employees in staff meetings
    Write it down
    Display your appreciation
    Make work more comfortable
    Case study

    8. A small gesture goes a long way
    Have a party
    Make a game of it
    Reward with a small gift
    Give them a break
    Case study

    9. Pulling out the red carpet
    Have an awards ceremony
    Win Large items
    Career Advancement
    Case study

    10. The Don’ts of employee recognition
    The art of the high five
    Don’t let it become boring
    Recognition program
    Make sure the reward is motivational
    Case study

    11. Maintaining the program
    Change the membership
    Include in employee orientation
    Keep marketing
    Annual awards ceremonies
    Case study

    12. Topics not discussed
    Post workshop overview

    Employee Recognition Course: Course Duration

    1 day

    Who should attend: Employee Recognition Course

    This course is intended for Human Resources personnel and managers.

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