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Quick Look Course Summary:Organizational Ethics & Conduct Training
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  • Length: 2 day(s)

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  • Certification Type:Service Seta Accredited

  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

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    Get clued up on the corporate code of conduct

    Course Introduction

    What is meant by the term ethics?  Essentially, ethics deals with those issues where good judgement is required in dealing with organizational matters according to a set of norms, mores and values determined to be commonly accepted behaviours within and throughout the organization.  This is also known as the organizational code of conduct.  The importance of complying with corporate ethics is evident in matters involving personal integrity and how decisions involving appropriate conduct impacts the health of the organization whereby the boundaries between what is constituted as ethical or non-ethical behaviour may be crossed.

    This intense course will help you to understand and apply the necessary approach towards dealing with matters involving corporate ethics in maintaining organizational health and help you to understand the organizational code of conduct and the importance of following and adhering to its policies and principles.


    Course Outline

    Get clued up on the corporate code of conduct when you learn:

    • The aspects involved with the corporate code of conduct.
    • How to identify and understand ethical issues within the organization.
    • The importance of adhering to the corporate code of conduct.
    • The meaning of the term ‘ethics’.
    • What is meant by the term inappropriate conduct.
    • What is meant by the term personal integrity.
    • The consequences of inappropriate conduct.
    • The importance of maintaining organizational values.


    Benefits of attending:  Organizational Ethics & Conduct Training course

    Upon successful completion of this course you will have acquired a working knowledge of organizational ethics and have developed your skills in the following areas:

    • Understanding the code of conduct and ethical issues.
    • Understanding the purpose of the code of conduct.
    • Identify the principles of a code of conduct.
    • Understand the relationship between the code of conduct and successful marketing.
    • Understand the implications of the code of conduct on the organization.
    • Understand the importance of adhering to the code of conduct.
    • Source and obtain code of conduct.
    • Apply and implement code of conduct.
    • Identify deviations from the code and take remedial action to ensure compliance.
    • Identify and understand organizational ethical issues.
    • Identify deviations from ethical issues and take remedial action to ensure compliance.

    Course duration

    2 days

    Who should attend

    This course is aimed at individuals who are seeking to improve their general management skills.

    This Unit Standard course is aligned to Unit Standard 10022:  Comply with organizational ethics


    Nomfundo Sithole – Givaudan South Africa (Pty) Ltd

    ‘I was personally refreshed on my rights as an employee, consumer and human.  I now know what ethics are.  The best thing about this course was the integration of business principles and ethics into our daily lives.’

    Kopano Lentsoane –  Givaudan South Africa (Pty) Ltd

    ‘The benefits of this course were learning about the entire scope of business ethics.  The overall understanding of the topic and the effects thereof to any business.  What went well for me were  the effects of the info given with regards to the legal aspects which I wasn’t aware of. ‘

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