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Quick Look Course Summary:Accredited Presentation Skills Training
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  • Length: 2 day(s)

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  • Certification Type: Non-Accredited

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    Professional Presentations and Communications Course (Accredited by ETDP SETA)

    Master the Art of Communication: Professional Presentations Course

    Unlock the secrets to impactful speaking and effective listening in our accredited Professional Presentations Course. Elevate your communication skills over two days with expert guidance and practical strategies. Join us and unleash your potential for success in business presentations and interactions. Enroll now and transform your communication abilities.


    • Course Duration: 2 days

    Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, you will:

    DAY 1

    • Understand the characteristics of a speaker’s style and tone.
    • Expertly employ correct tone, approach, or style appropriate to the context.
    • Identify and modify inappropriate language to sustain positive interaction.
    • Plan strategies to sustain meaningful and effective interactions.
    • Recognize body language cues and adjust one’s own communication accordingly.

    DAY 2

    • Sensitively manage conflicts to support the goal of the interaction.
    • Handle personality clashes, resolve deadlocks, and positively summarize conclusions.
    • Analyze and evaluate spoken discourse accurately.
    • Deal confidently with opposing views and opinions.
    • Evaluate and adjust responses in spoken interactions.

    Benefits of Attending: Professional Presentations Course

    Upon completion, you will master:

    • Effective speaking strategies.
    • Critical yet sensitive listening skills.
    • Conflict management and resolution techniques.
    • Non-verbal communication and body language understanding.
    • Speaker’s style and tone evaluation.

    Unit Standards

    • US 115789: Sustain oral interaction across contexts and evaluate spoken texts.
    • US 110506: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of effective communication skills.


    Course Duration

    2 day/s

    Testimonials from similar courses

    ‘I was motivated, inspired and gained self-confidence.  The benefits of the course will always be cherished.’ Government Dept Delegate

    Presentation Skills Course: Who should attend

    The Presentation Skills workshop is highly beneficial for corporate professionals too, including:

    • Executives and Managers: Leaders at all levels can improve their ability to effectively communicate strategies, goals, and updates to their teams, stakeholders, and clients.
    • Sales and Marketing Teams: Salespeople and marketers can enhance their presentation skills to deliver compelling pitches, demonstrations, and proposals to potential clients, partners, and investors.
    • Human Resources Personnel: HR professionals can refine their presentation skills to deliver engaging training sessions, conduct informative orientations, and facilitate discussions on workplace policies and procedures.
    • Project Managers: Project managers can strengthen their ability to present project updates, proposals, and reports to clients, team members, and stakeholders, ensuring clear and effective communication throughout the project lifecycle.
    • Training and Development Specialists: Professionals responsible for designing and delivering training programs can benefit from learning how to create dynamic and impactful presentations to engage learners and drive knowledge retention.
    • Consultants and Advisors: Consultants and advisors can enhance their credibility and effectiveness by delivering clear, concise, and persuasive presentations to clients, stakeholders, and decision-makers.
    • Public Relations and Communications Teams: PR and communications professionals can improve their presentation skills to deliver compelling messages, handle media interactions, and represent their organizations with confidence and professionalism.
    • Any Employee Seeking Career Advancement: Regardless of their role within the organization, employees who aspire to advance their careers can benefit from honing their presentation skills to effectively communicate their ideas, expertise, and achievements to colleagues, supervisors, and potential employers.

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