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Quick Look Course Summary:Chairing a Meeting with Confidence & Keeping Good Minutes
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  • Length: 2 day(s)

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  • Certification Type:Service Seta Accredited

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    Chairing a Meeting with Confidence

    An important part of your managerial training involves understanding the importance of the need to formulate structured meetings with due formalities involving elements such as the preparation of an agenda, taking minutes and distributing information.  Arranging meetings with key stakeholders when, for example, round table discussions need to take place and strategic forums need to  meet to make joint decisions requiring that all key parties present are a normal and necessary part of the management process to ensure that all parties remain involved and informed.

    This practical course will enable you to learn the techniques and processes involved in conducting a meeting and how to prepare and make the necessary arrangements and manage the provision and distribution of any required documentation.  You will also learn how to deal with differing individual viewpoints in a courteous and professional manner.

    Course duration

    2 days

    We invite you to learn how to:

    • Conduct a structured meeting.
    • Prepare for a meeting.
    • Prepare an agenda
    • Take minutes
    • Book meeting venue
    • Arrange catering requirements
    • Distribute required documentation for a meeting.
    • Deal with differing views in a meeting.

    Benefits of attending:  Chairing a meeting with confidence course

    Upon successful completion of this course you will have mastered the skills needed to chair a meeting with confidence and will be proficient in the following areas:

    • Preparing for a meeting in making sure that physical arrangements and attendees required for the meeting are identified and prepare a check list in line with Standard Operating Procedures.
    • Preparing an agenda in terms of the expected outcomes of the meeting and placing items on the agenda in terms of Standard Operating Procedures.
    • Understand the purpose for recording a meeting.
    • Check documents required for the meeting in terms of accuracy and completeness and distribute according to Standard Operating Procedures.
    • Check minutes of previous meeting for accuracy and completeness.
    • In line with recognized theory and practice Identify techniques to deal with the potential lack of progress due to differing opinions during the meeting.
    • Apply techniques to enhance progress during a meeting including summarizing, redirecting, paraphrasing, rephrasing, gate keeping and repeating.
    • Distribute records for a meeting in such a manner as to enable easy implementation of meeting decisions.
    • Review meeting with a view to suggesting improvements to enhance the effectiveness of future meetings.

    Who is this course suitable for?

    This course is aimed at managers who are seeking to improve their general management and business communication skills.

    This Unit Standard course is aligned to Unit Standard 242816:  Conduct a structured meeting

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