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Quick Look Course Summary:Developing Windows Azure and Web Services (MS Course no. 20487A) Course
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    Developing Windows Azure and Web Services (MS Course no. 20487A) Course: Introduction

    This course is for experienced programmers who wish to learn web services and site administration. This course is required for the supporting exam.

    Developing Windows Azure and Web Services (MS Course no. 20487A) Course :Course Outline

    1. Overview of service and cloud technologies

    Key Components of Distributed Applications
    Data and Data Access Technologies
    Service Technologies
    Cloud Computing
    Exploring Blue Yonder Airlines Travel Companion Application
    Creating a Windows Azure SQL Database
    Creating an Entity Data Model
    Create an ASP.NET Web API service
    Deploy a web application to Windows Azure

    2. Querying and Manipulating Data using the Entity Framework

    ADO.NET overview
    Creating an Entity Data Model
    Querying data
    Manipulating data
    Creating a Data access layer using Entity Framework
    Navigating the data model and integration test projects
    Create a data model
    Query and manipulate data

    3. Creating and consuming ASP.NET Web API services

    Introduction to HTTP Services
    Creating an ASP.NET Web API service
    Handling HTTP requests and responses
    Hosting and using ASP.NET Web API services
    Creating the travel reservation ASP.NET Web API Service
    Use HTTP protocol with REST

    4. Extending and Securing ASP.NET Web API services

    The ASP.NET Web API request pipeline
    The ASP.NET Web API response pipeline
    Creating OData services
    Implementing Security in ASP.NET Web API services
    Injecting dependencies into controllers
    Extending Travel Companion’s ASP.NET Web API services
    Create a dependency resolver for repositories
    Add a new media type for RSS requests
    Add OData capabilities to the flight schedule service
    Apply validation rules in the booking service
    Secure the communication between client and server

    5. Creating WCF services

    Advantages of creating services with WCF
    Creating and implementing a contract
    Configuring and hosting WCF services
    Consuming WCF services
    Creating and consuming the WCF booking service
    Create the WCF booking service
    Configure and host the WCF service
    Consume the WCF service from the ASP.NET Web API booking service

    6. Designing and extending WCF services

    Applying design principles to service contracts
    Handling distributed transactions
    WCF pipeline architecture
    Extending the WCF pipeline
    Designing and extending WCF services
    Create a custom error handler runtime component
    Add support for distributed transactions to the WCF booking service
    Use asynchronous WCF client calls

    7. Implementing Security in WCF services

    Transport Security
    Message Security
    Configuring Service Authentication and Authorisation
    Configuring ASP.NET Web API booking service for secured communication
    Securing a WCF service
    Secure the WCF service
    Configure a service for transport security.
    Configure a service for message security.
    Authenticate and authorize users.

    8. Windows Azure Service Bus

    Azure Service Bus Relays
    Service Bus Queues
    Service Bus Topics
    Use a service bus relay for the WCF booking service
    Publish booking updates to clients using Azure Service Bus Topics

    Developing Windows Azure and Web Services (MS Course no. 20487A) Course: Course Duration

    3 day/s

    Who should attend: Developing Windows Azure and Web Services (MS Course no. 20487A) Course

    This course is intended for programmers, windows azure.

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