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Quick Look Course Summary:Assertiveness And Self-Confidence Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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  • Certification Type:Accredited

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    Assertiveness And Self-Confidence Course: Introduction

    It can be difficult to get this right. Assertiveness sounds like aggression if the person is insecure. And that’s not what any insecure person wants others to think. Thus we look at behaviour first and what behaviour must change to sound confident in oneself and therefore assertive and not aggressive. We will teach participants about change maps and positive mental imagery and the emotional part of assertiveness.

    Assertiveness And Self-Confidence Course :Course Outline

    Listening and hearing are the core principals taught in the assertiveness and self-confidence workshop. We teach our students the difference between listening to reply and listening to understand and then reply. It sounds simple and participants from previous workshops have found it easier to implement than they ever imagined. What you learn in the workplace, you take home, and this is a wonderful skill to implement in personal relationships. At the assertiveness and self confidence training workshop, we will teach students what assertiveness is and how to let people see yourself confidence. We take a look at what passive-aggressiveness is and the four styles of communication. TIP: Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners. – Lawrence Stern In module three we deal with obstacles to our goals and the best strategies to dealing with obstacles. The last aspect we take a look at in module three is the way negative thinking impacts decisions and results. Although the workshop in soft skills also dealt with communication and body language, this workshop is action oriented. There will be many activities during the workshop where we will practice our new skills on fellow participants. Theory and practice go hand in hand to give our students the full toolkit of skills they need in the workplace. After looking at obstacles, we focus on goals, we have a great method we teach to students about goal achieving using the SMART method, it is the set of criteria a goal must have in order for it to be realised by the goal achiever. Module six covers feeling self confidence and assertiveness, we will teach participants how to value their own worth and more importantly; the art of self talk and doing it effectively. Our workshop discusses why self talk is important and also helps each participant to identify their strengths and weaknesses when practicing self talk. Next we look at the importance of appearance and why first impressions count so much. Along with this we talk about the role of body language and appearance. Now that we’ve given participants the tools to feel and look confident, we next focus on the voice and why the adage goes – it’s not what you say, but how you say it. We teach students the I-message statements also covered in soft skills and we add another important tool to the kit – the STAR method. This method can be used in small or large business settings and presentations and helps the presenter break down a section of the presentation to communicate it better. We round off our workshop by looking at coping techniques, building a rapport and expressing disagreement.
    Key outcomes of the course include:
    BOTI’s Program Outline

    Component 1: Starting Out
    • Housekeeping matters and administration
    • Activities to break the ice
    • The Parking Area
    • Program Objectives

    Component 2: Exactly What Does Self-Confidence Mean To You?
    • Exactly what is Assertiveness?
    • The 4 Styles
    • Exactly what is Self-Confidence?

    Component 3: Hurdles to Our Objectives
    • Kinds of Negative Thinking
    • Personal Application
    • Training Example

    Component 4: Communication abilities
    • Listening as well as Hearing: they are not the exact same thing
    • Body Language
    • Asking Queries

    Component 5: The Significance of Setting Objectives
    • Why Setting Objectives is essential
    • Our Challenge to You
    • Setting SMART Objectives

    Component 6: Feeling the Part
    • Creating Positive Self-Talk
    • Identifying as well as Addressing Strengths as well as Weaknesses
    • Identifying Your Worth

    Component 7: Looking the Part
    • The Significance of Appearance
    • First Impressions Count!
    • The Role of Body Language

    Component 8: Sounding the Part
    • Sounding Confident
    • It Is the Manner in Which You Say It
    • Utilizing ‘I’ Messages

    Component 9: Powerful Presentations
    • Utilizing STAR to Make Your Case
    • Exactly What to-do When You’re on the Spot

    Component 10: Coping Techniques
    • Articulating Disagreement
    • Generating Rapport
    • Coming to Consensus

    Component 11: Working with Challenging Behavior
    • Essential Techniques
    • Working with Challenging Circumstances

    Component 12: Concluding
    • Assessment of Parking Area
    • Key Learnings
    • Conclusion of activity Plans as well as assessments
    • Wise Men’s words

    Assertiveness And Self-Confidence Course: Course Duration

    1 day/s

    Who should attend: Assertiveness And Self-Confidence Course

    This is a self-enrichment course intended for anybody interested in improving their self-confidence.

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