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Quick Look Course Summary:Business Communication Strategies: verbal/non-verbal and written
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  • Length: 3 day(s)

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  • Certification Type:SETA Accredited

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    Business Communication Strategies: Verbal/Non-Verbal –(including Effective Meeting Minutes)

    Learn to communicate with superiors, subordinates, and clients, understand the importance of good oral and written communication, and develop impactful meeting agendas and minutes. Gain a better command of different communication models, non-verbal cues, and listening skills and master effective meeting management. Communicate verbally and non-verbally in the workplace.  The importance of developing effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills in the workplace is one of the fundamental skills required in business. Acquiring good communication skills and mastering specific communication techniques is vital when dealing with superiors, subordinates, clients and other stakeholders within the business..

    Course Outline

    Get your point across when you learn how to:

    • Communicate with superiors and subordinates.
    • Communicate with clients/customers.
    • Understand the basics of business communication.
    • Understand the importance of good oral communication.
    • Understand the importance of good written communication.
    • Understand personal impact on the organization.
    • Understand personal impact on clients/customers.
    • Select appropriate methods of communication in given circumstances (form and function)
    • Manage meetings effectively by using concise communication to develop meeting agendas
    • Use effective and clear communication to compile minutes of meetings and distribution thereof

    Upon successful completion of this course you will have acquired a better command of the importance of good business communication skills including:

    • Understanding the various types of communication.
    • The importance of verbal communication in business.
    • The importance of cultivating both listening and speaking skills.
    • The importance of written communication in business.
    • Demonstrating an understanding of the agenda of meetings
    • Explaining the purpose and objective of minutes of meetings
    • Effectively use language and function to take minutes of meetings
    • How your body language impacts those around you.
    • The importance of using different methods of communication in business.
    • Understanding different communication models.
    • Advantages of verbal communication.
    • Disadvantages of verbal communication.
    • Four purposes of communication.
    • Understanding the types of non-verbal communication.
    • Understanding the different barriers to communication.
    • Understanding the main skills required for effective communication.
    • Understanding the common communication blockers found in the workplace.
    • The various ways to effectively communicate with clients/customers.
    • The importance of improving customer communication.
    • Understanding why it is important to listen first then speak.
    • Learning how to powerfully listen and understand.

    In addition you will be able to conduct purposeful, efficient, and professional meetings. Attendees will learn the art of agenda preparation, minute-taking, and adhering to proper meeting procedures, becoming invaluable assets in driving successful and impactful gatherings. The course covers the following essential topics:

    • Introduction to Effective Meetings: Analyzing meeting objectives, understanding legal aspects, exploring meeting types, and learning standard meeting terminology.
    • Crafting Productive Agendas: Understanding the core objective of agendas, identifying responsibilities for preparation, emphasizing logical order, and providing practical examples.
    • Efficient Meeting Procedures: Exploring roles and responsibilities of committee officials, mastering essential meeting procedures, and utilizing a meeting checklist.
    • The Essence of Meeting Minutes: Recognizing the importance of accurate minute-taking, understanding different types of minutes, and addressing minute book management.
    • Preparing for Effective Minute Taking: Equipping participants with necessary resources and skills, identifying crucial items for comprehensive documentation, and understanding the characteristics of well-crafted minutes.
    • Personal Accountability & Commitment Plan: Encouraging personal accountability and developing commitment plans to ensure proactive involvement and contribution during meetings.

    Target Audience

    This course is suitable for individuals in various professional roles and industries who aim to enhance their verbal and non-verbal communication skills in the workplace. It is ideal for:

    • Employees at all levels who interact with superiors, subordinates, clients, and other stakeholders in their daily work.
    • Business professionals who seek to improve their business communication techniques and impact on the organization.
    • Individuals who wish to understand the importance of good oral and written communication and its significance in different workplace scenarios.
    • Those looking to develop effective meeting management skills, including agenda preparation, minute-taking, and adherence to meeting procedures.
    • Participants interested in acquiring essential skills to conduct purposeful, efficient, and professional meetings.

    By attending this course, individuals will gain a better understanding of various communication methods and models, the impact of body language, and the importance of effective customer communication. Additionally, they will master the art of conducting successful meetings, contributing to the overall success of their organizations. The course provides valuable insights and practical techniques for those seeking to excel in workplace communication and meeting management.


    3 Days (Accredited)  

    Seta Accreditation 

     Unit Standard: 9960 : (Level 3, 8 credits) and Unit Standard 13934 : (Level , 4 Credits).

    Testimonials from Similar Courses

    Jonathan Baloyi “I learnt how to differentiate between good and bad emails and how to write professional emails. Learning about the structure of the email really went well for me and the words appropriate for an email. The best thing about this course was getting to know that I have been writing bad emails without realizing that I was wrong.”  

    • AirChefs Soc Ltd “Facilitator would provide relevant examples to give clarity to a newly learned concept. Sessions were clear and straight to the point.”  
    • Phumulela Gaming And Leisure Ltd “I now know the use and features in Business Writing and understand how to use them appropriately. Concise and to the point writing gives maximum impact and understanding”.  
    • PSIRA “I am able to write concise minutes and the importance of an agenda to an effective meeting.” “Never take for granted the importance of body language and how it can affect communication”.
    • PSIRA “The entire course went well for me!  Thank you BOTi for the opportunity to learn the latest methods in meeting minute taking!”  

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