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Quick Look Course Summary:Call Centre and Customer Service Training Course
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  • Length: 2 day(s)

  • Price (at your venue): 1 Person R 8,150.00 EX VAT 3 Person R 6,002.83 EX VAT 10 Person R 4,384.88 EX VAT

  • Certification Type:Accredited

  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

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    Call Centre and Customer Service Training Course

    Course Introduction

    Calling a call centre and getting poor service will cost any business customers, unfortunately a few call centres have made it seem that all call centres are inefficient and mismanaged. With our course on call centre training, participants will be taught the skills they need to be excellent service representatives.

    Call Centre and Customer Service Training Course

    Course Outline

    1. Course Overview

    2. Telephone Communication
    How you say things
    In the Absence of body language

    3. Verbal Communication Techniques
    Being yourself and sounding your best
    Service Image

    4. Customers
    Defining Customers and Clients
    Building relationships

    5. Excellence in serving

    6. Listening Skills
    Attentive listening

    7. Asking Questions
    Open and closed questions
    Questioning techniques

    8. Saying No
    When to say no
    Delivering bad news

    9. Phone Sales
    Rapport Building

    10. Taking Messages
    Effective Messages

    11. Staying Out of Voice Mail Jail

    12. Closing down the voice

    13. Cold and Warm Calling
    Cold Calling
    Warm Calling

    14. Developing a Script
    Scripting Techniques
    Sample Script

    15. Perfecting the Pitch
    Making the script yours
    Cheat sheets

    16. Going Above and Beyond
    Fifteen techniques for success
    Customise your service

    17. Handling Objections

    18. Closing the Sale

    19. Feelings

    20. Changes in the Customer
    What the customer wants

    21. Negotiation Techniques
    Mastering Negotiation Skills
    Practicing Negotiation

    22. Negotiation Phases
    Negotiation made easy

    23. High Impact Moments
    Making it Count
    Case Studies

    24. Tips for Challenging Callers
    Tips and Tricks
    Caller Behaviour

    25. Dealing with Difficult Customers
    Dealing with problems
    Dealing with Vulgarity

    26. Phone tag and getting the call-back
    Phone tag
    Following up

    27. Mentoring

    28. Reducing Stress

    29. Reports
    Management Reports
    CCA Reports

    30. Wrapping up
    Questions and Answers

    31. Final overview
    Personal action plan
    Recommended Reading
    Course Evaluation

    Call Centre and Customer Service Training Course

    Course Duration

    2 day/s

    Who should attend: Call Centre and Customer Service Training Course

    This course is intended for those working in customer service.

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