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Quick Look Course Summary:Programming in C# (MS Course no. 20483A ) Course
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  • Length: 3 day(s)

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Programming in C# (MS Course no. 20483A ) Course: Introduction

This is Microsoft course no: 20483A, Programming in C# . It is intended for participants with knowledge of programming in C++. Participants who want to study further in a programming career are also advised to attend this course before attempting an intermediate or advanced course ((Computer Programming Courses, Java Classes, Classes In Java, Course In Computer Programming, Course On Computer Programming, C Programming Courses, Java Short Course)).

Programming in C# (MS Course no. 20483A ) Course :Course Outline

1. Introduction to Programming in C++
Overview of Writing Applications using C++
Data types, Operators and Expressions
C# Programming Languages Constructs

2. Creating Methods, handling Exceptions, and Monitoring Applications

Creating and Invoking Methods
Handling Exceptions
Monitoring Applications
Creating Overloaded Methods and using Optional and Output Parameters

3. Developing the Code for a Graphic Application

Implementing Structure
Implementing Enumerations
Organising Data into Collections
Handling Events

4. Creating Classes and Implementing Type-safe Collections

Creating Classes
Defining and Implementing Interfaces
Creating and using generic Collections
Value Types and Reference Types

5. Creating a Class Hierarchy by Using Inheritance

Creating Class Hierarchies
Extending.NET Framework Classes
Creating Generic Classes
Extension Methods

6. Reading and Writing Local Data

Reading and Writing Files
Performing I/O Using Streams
Serialise and Deserialise Data

7. Accessing a Database

Creating and Using Entity Data Models
Querying Data using LINQ
Updating Data using LINQ

8. Accessing Remote Data

Accessing Data Across the Web
Accessing Data in the Cloud

9. Designer the User Interface for a Graphic Application

Using XAML to Design a User Interface
Binding Controls to Data
Displaying Data in a User Interface

10. Improving Applications Performance and Responsiveness

Implementing Multitasking by Using Tasks and Lambda Expressions
Performing Operations Asynchronously
Synchronizing Concurrent Access to Data

11. Integrating with Unmanaged Code

Creating and Using Dynamic Objects
Managing the Lifetime of Objects and Controlling Unmanaged Resources

12. Creating Reusable Types and Assemblies

Examining Object Metadata
Creating and Using Custom Attributes
Generating Managed Code
Versioning, Signing and Deploying Assemblies

13. Encrypting and Decrypting Data

Implementing Symmetric Encryption
Implementing Asymmetric Encryption
Introducing Windows Applications
Creating a Windows Application Project in Visual Studio

Creating a Windows Forms User Interface
Controlling Application Execution
Validating User Input
Integrating Data
Packaging and Deploying Windows Applications

Programming in C# (MS Course no. 20483A ) Course: Course Duration

3 day/s

Who should attend: Programming in C# (MS Course no. 20483A ) Course

This course ((Computer Programming Courses, Java Classes, Classes In Java, Course In Computer Programming, Course On Computer Programming, C Programming Courses, Java Short Course)) is intended for programmers, C#

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