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Quick Look Course Summary:Telework And Telecommuting Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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Telework And Telecommuting Course: Introduction

There are over 1 billion people who work remotely. The face of the workforce has changed with the advent of the internet. A virtual team could consist of employees of the same company who do their work remotely, only coming in to the office as needed. The more common virtual team is a group of highly experienced individuals who work together on a specific project for a specific company or even for an individual. Remote workers have the benefit of less liability to companies, while the workers have the benefit of no commuting and both entities save money on travel costs. Along with that comes a flexible schedule and more productivity from the remote worker who is self motivated.

Telework And Telecommuting Course :Course Outline

Teleworkers and remote workers are becoming the popular choice with the advancement of technology. In light of this we have developed a workshop for tele and remote workers and those who wish to form a remote team. There are two aspects to telework – you work for a company and have the opportunity to do your work from home, or you freelance your skills and work for many companies at the same time. The skills required to make your home office effective and productive are the same whether you are freelancing or not. We will focus on four aspects to make the home office operational, these skills are also critical if you want to set up a telework team or individual in your company. The character of the remote worker is important; this person must readily accept responsibility and have no issue with being held accountable. This person must be motivated and stay motivated. TIP: Norah Jones is a New York Times bestselling author, her attitude towards her work is a good example of getting things done, especially when you lose your motivation. Most authors will tell you to write between one and five thousand words a day. Norah tells us why, she says that even when she’s writing rubbish, she still writes, because writing is a habit, and a routine. If she gets up and walks away because she’s writing rubbish, she’s broken her habit. The same goes for the freelancer or the remote worker, make your work a habit. Even if its rubbish – it can be fixed before you turn it in, break your habit and it will be ten times harder to get started again. Good remote or teleworkers can recognise and remove bad habits and establish good habits. Time management is very important. Most remote workers have a calendar which is well used. Important days and days when they will not be working are filled in. Once these spaces are filled, they can accurately judge how much time they can spend on each project they have and ensure they meet the deadline for projects. The biggest obstacle to getting the job done is technology – ironically. When the computer hangs and then tells you it has a virus – everything stops. Do have several technical people and a reliable repair shop on your phone. Do use your calendar to communicate with your employer(s) and do make it a priority to inform your employer(s) if a deadline will not be met. With a particularly nasty virus you can also use your calendar to list work you would like the repair shop to retrieve if possible. Communication is the last important skill discussed here. Make sure your communication is formal and proper and be clear and to the point. Do ask for feedback continuously and don’t be discouraged if you don’t get feedback. Ninety percent of the time when that happens, you’re doing what you were paid to do. If you are a freelancer do have a proposal ready for potential employers and if necessary a cover letter specifying your skills. 1. Introduction
Workshop Objectives
Pre workshop review

2. Core skills required
Time Management
Organise and planning
Communication skills
Case study

3. Self Management (1)
Solving problems on your own
Being and staying motivated
Don’t abuse freedom
You and only you are accountable
Case study

4. Self – Management (2)
Recognise and remove bad habits
Reflect on mistakes and learn from them
Establish good habits
Be assertive with yourself
Case study

5. Time management (1)
Build a flexible schedule
Identify and remove time wasters
Working with time zones
Using free time wisely
Case study

6. Time Management (2)
Urgent/Important matrix
Setting deadlines
The glass jar
Case study

7. Organising and Planning (1)
Plan for additional stress
When to seek help
Being proactive not reactive
Establish priorities
Case study

8. Organising and Planning (2)
Setting up your home office
Remove Unneeded or distracting items
When technology fails
Develop a normal working day
Case study

9. Communication (1)
Stay in the loop
Use the correct medium
Be clear and to the point
Virtual communication can be Impersonal
Case study

10. Communication (2)
Open and frequent communication
Share your information
Have a collaborative attitude
Setting expectations with family and friends
Case study

11. Additional challenges
Building trust and support
Feeling isolated
Always in the office
Lack of feedback
Case study

12. Topics not discussed
Post workshop overview

Telework And Telecommuting Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Telework And Telecommuting Course

This course is for managers and employees who work remotely.

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