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Quick Look Course Summary:Generation Gaps Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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    Generation Gaps Course: Introduction

    Because old and new workers must share the same space, we teach this course so that the workplace doesn’t become a battleground.

    Generation Gaps Course :Course Outline

    • The old used to make way for the new – five thousand years ago when the average life expectancy was thirty.
    • But we finicky humans are always improving on what we’ve built and five thousand years later, the advances in technology, medicine and science have made the average life expectancy much longer.
    • The old and the new find each other sharing the same workplace and the generation gaps can be become a battleground if employees and managers are not taught how to share that place.
    • This workshop is a history lesson, and for those who dislike the subject of history, fear not – it is a lesson in social protocol and an effective tool for managers to elicit the correct strengths from all team members.
    • We begin with the history of the generations we find in the workplace, such as Generation X who were born between the mid-sixties and the mid-seventies, this group is the largest or second largest group in most companies.
    • We shortly summarise the generation name and the particular strengths the group brings to the workplace, such as generation x’s independency.
    • The four generations discussed in this workshop are the traditionalists, the baby-boomers, generation x and generation edit is important to note the differences between each generation, their attitude towards work and authority and their collective social background and working style.
    • This area of differences will be the breeding ground of conflicts caused by misunderstandings and misjudgements.
    • We spend a good deal of the workshop going through these differences and working styles so that participants have a thorough understanding of the generation types before we move on to finding common ground.
    • TIP: For clear communication in the workplace, use the TAP method. To-the-point: Make your communication brief and clear. Adapt: Change your method of communication to suit your audience. Professional: When in doubt, communicate professionally. Avoid jargon and text abbreviations in your communication.
    • There are three ways to find common ground which are widely accepted.
    • The first is the style of communication by management.
    • The second is creating affinity groups or groups with common interests, they are usually small and not work related, for example a news letter group, a book club or a work safety group.
    • The third way is to share knowledge, examples of how to do this would be creating a blog with a topic, newsletters and an idea box.

    Detailed Outline

    1. Introduction
    Workshop Objectives
    Pre-workshop review

    2. History
    Generations currently in the workplace
    What defines a generation
    Generations in our workplace
    Case study

    3. Traditionalist
    Working style
    Case study

    4. Baby Boomers
    Work style
    Case study

    5. Generation X
    Working style
    Case study

    6. Generation Y
    Working style
    Case style

    7. Differentiations between
    Working style
    Life experience
    Case study

    8. Finding Common Ground
    Adopting a communication style
    Creating an affinity group
    Sharing knowledge
    Case study

    9. Conflict management (1)
    Younger bosses, older workers
    Retention plan
    Breaking down the stereotypes
    Case study

    10. Conflict Management (2)
    The hot zone
    Succession plan
    Case study

    11. The power of four
    Benefits of generation gaps
    Learn from each other
    Embracing the unfamiliar
    Case study

    12. Topics not discussed
    Post workshop overview

    Generation Gaps Course: Course Duration

    1 day/s

    Who should attend: Generation Gaps Course

    This is a general employee course, also for managers.

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