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Quick Look Course Summary:Human Resource Management Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

  • Price (at your venue): 1 Person R 4,475.00 EX VAT 3 Person R 3,399.06 EX VAT 10 Person R 2,529.41 EX VAT

  • Certification Type:Non-Accredited

  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

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    Human Resource Management Course: Introduction

    The face of Human Resources has changed drastically, we offer this course for all who need training in Human Resource management.

    Human Resource Management Course :Course Outline

    What used to be the personnel manager or even the payroll manager has blossomed in the last fifty or so years to become a specialized career of its own. Most companies these days have an established human resources department and a step beyond that are companies who have a corporate resources department of which human resources is a part. The key factors which influence human resources today are technology; globalization; demographics and contingent workforce management. As human resources has changed so has the way we manage our workforce, some current trends in human resources are onboarding employees and proactive recruitment which we have dealt with in previous workshops. This workshop will provide managers with the tools to control various human resources situations successfully, such as interviewing new employees, orientating of new employees, safety at work, harassment situations, discrimination, violence at work, discipline and termination of employees. We begin by teaching participants how to actively recruit new employees, from the initial interview to orientation, following up and retention of staff. We next discuss HR’s role in workplace health and safety and bring you up to date with the industry rules and regulations pertaining to several industries in South Africa. Also falling under health and safety are the policies regarding workplace bullying, harassment and violence. We discuss each employee’s personal role, and the role of HR and management in the company.TIP: Bulling is considered as intimidation or abuse of authority. Harassment is related to protected areas including: gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability. We move on to wellness trends in modern companies. This focuses on the employee as whole, when employees are fit and healthy they are less likely to be absent and more engaged and productive in their work. We will explore the concept of workplace wellness and how to promote in your company. Wellness addresses the physical, cognitive and psychological health of employees; this includes issues that can originate at work or at home.Feedback from employees and management is also a significant part of HR. We will explore different feedback models as well some ways to make your feedback effective and encouraging. The performance review and the feedback sandwich are examples of formal feedback. Informal feedback is done privately as you never criticize an employee in front of others, the flip side is positive feedback which is also done privately, recognition for work properly applied or a small reward for overall performance are two examples. Lastly we look at HR’s role in discipline. We discuss general discipline procedures, progressive discipline and discipline meetings. We round off by discussing termination of employees, documenting events, making a decision and communicating the decision to the employee. To reserve your spot in this course please contact us at 011 882 8853 or 072 630 4789.

    Key outcomes of the course include:
    BOTI’s Program Outline

    Component 1: Starting Out
    • Activities to break the ice
    • Housekeeping matters and administration
    • The Parking Area
    • program Objectives

    Component 2: A History of Human Resources
    • A Brief History
    • Exactly What is Human Resources Today?

    Component 3: The Interview Process
    • The General Format
    • Kinds of Queries
    • Do’s as well as Do Nots

    Component 4: worker Orientation
    • The Orientation Process
    • The Role of Management as well as the Role of Human Resources
    • Tips as well as Tricks

    Component 5: Following Up with brand new staff members
    • Daily Checklist for the First Week
    • Following Up at the End of the Week
    • Weeks as well as Months Later

    Component 6: Workplace Safety
    • Comprehending Your Role as well as Responsibilities
    • Comprehending Local Rules
    • Comprehending Industry-particular Rules

    Component 7: Working with Harassment as well as Discrimination
    • A Manager’s Responsibility
    • Kinds of Workplace Discrimination
    • Defining Harassment
    • An Employer’s Responsibility

    Component 8: Workplace Violence
    • Defining Violence
    • An Employer’s Responsibility
    • A Manager’s Responsibility

    Component 9: Controlling worker Performance
    • Choosing the Time as well as Place For suggestions
    • Kinds of worker Appraisals
    • Utilizing the suggestions Sandwich
    • Encouraging Growth as well as Development

    Component 10: Disciplining staff members
    • Comprehending Your Role
    • Comprehending Your Choices
    • Having the Meeting
    • Following Up

    Component 11: Terminating staff members
    • Making the Decision
    • Preparing for the Decision
    • Documenting Events
    • Communicating the Decision

    Component 12: Concluding
    • Wise Men’s words
    • Assessment of Parking Area
    • Key Learnings
    • Evaluations as well as Completion Of activity Plans

    Human Resource Management Course: Course Duration

    1 day/s

    Who should attend: Human Resource Management Course

    This course is intended for employees and managers in HR.

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