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Quick Look Course Summary:CompTIA A+ PC Technician Course
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  • Length: 5 day(s)

  • Price (at your venue): 1 Person R 26,900.00 EX VAT 3 Person R 18,716.99 EX VAT 10 Person R 12,369.86 EX VAT

  • Certification Type:Accredited

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    CompTIA A+ PC Technician Course: Introduction

    This course is to prepare students for the CompTIA A+ Certification.

    CompTIA A+ PC Technician Course :Course Outline

    PART 1. Introduction to CompTIA A+Essentials Windows 7

    1.Troubleshooting Methodology
    Troubleshooting Models

    2. Operating Systems
    Operating System Fundamentals
    Directory and File Management
    File and Folder Permissions

    3. Power Supplies
    Electrical Safety
    Power Supplies

    4. CPU’s and Motherboards
    Packaging, slots and cooling techniques

    5. The Basic Input/Output System
    The BIOS and CMOS
    The POST and boot processes

    6. Memory systems
    Memory packaging
    Memory monitoring

    7. Bus structures
    The PCI bus
    Video buses

    8. Expansion cards
    Drive adapters
    Video cards
    Sound cards
    Internal modems

    9. Peripheral connection types
    Serial and parallel connections
    PS/2 connections
    USB connections
    FireWire connections
    Multimedia connections

    10. Data storage devices
    Hard drives
    Optical drives
    Removable storage devices
    Drive maintenance

    11. Video output and image input devices
    Scanners and cameras

    12. Printers
    Printing technologies
    Printer installation and optimization

    13. Connecting computers
    Networking concepts
    Wired network connections
    Basic internetworking devices

    14. Networking computers
    Client configuration

    15. Portable computers
    Notebook computers
    Notebook issues

    16. Monitoring and management
    System monitoring
    System performance
    System management

    17. Operating system troubleshooting
    Windows start-up
    System troubleshooting

    18. Security
    Operating system security
    Windows Encrypted File System
    Security hardware

    19. Windows installation and upgrades

    20. Safety and maintenance
    Safety and hazards
    Computer maintenance
    Safe work practices

    21. Troubleshooting hardware
    Hardware problems

    PART 2: CompTIA A+ Practical

    1. Power Systems

    2. CPU’s and motherboards

    3. Memory Systems
    RAM installation
    Memory troubleshooting

    4. Expansion cards
    Host system interaction
    Expansion card installation
    Expansion card troubleshooting
    Port, cable, and connector troubleshooting

    5. Data Storage Systems
    Hard Drives
    Optical Drive
    Removable Storage Devices

    6. Printers and Scanners

    7. Mobile computing
    Component replacement and troubleshooting

    8. Windows management
    Directory and file management
    Resource management
    Remote management

    9. Windows maintenance
    Task Scheduler

    10. SOHO networking
    Networking basics
    Installing a wireless network

    11. Network Troubleshooting

    12. Security
    Common security threats
    Implementing and troubleshooting security
    Binary, octal, and hexadecimal numbering
    CompTIA acronyms
    Acronym list
    Certification exam objectives map
    Comprehensive exam objectives

    CompTIA A+ PC Technician Course: Course Duration

    5 day/s

    Who should attend: CompTIA A+ PC Technician Course

    This course is intended for programmers, PC Technician.

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