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Quick Look Course Summary:The Art of Face to Face Communication
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

  • Price (at your venue): 1 Person R 4,475.00 EX VAT 3 Person R 3,399.06 EX VAT 10 Person R 2,529.41 EX VAT

  • Certification Type:Accredited

  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

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    Embrace the reality of human interactions

    Course Introduction

    In our modern age, we’re steadily loosing the art of human interaction

    From marketing to management, from sales to operations… The ability to effectively communicate face-to-face and get the best out of others is as important in life as it is in business. This is a soft skills course designed for those who want to improve their face-to face communication skills.


    Course Outline

    People often have to move between impersonal technology and the close reality of human interactions. Many scenarios are at play – there may be escalating issues, sensitive feelings, urgencies, authority and power and more – these situations require that business people need to meet face to face in the same room to exchange information and resolve issues.  Alternatively, we may need to simulate face-to-face communication with individuals in distant countries/locations (e.g. video conferencing).  Do not be fooled – face-to-face communication skills are a key driver to career success and positive outcomes, especially in the modern age.


    Face the Facts

    • Recognise Face-to-Face Impact
    • Appreciate the Advantages
    • Understand the Behaviours
    • Conquer Your Fears
    • Factor in Personality Preferences


    Practice Non-Verbal Communication

    • Value the Unspoken
    • Be Aware of your Body
    • Check Your Physical Appearance
    • Take Advantage of Your Voice
    • Watch the Clock
    • Consider Spatial Arrangements


    Choose Your Words Carefully

    • Realise Your Words Have Impact
    • Create a Positive Impression
    • Phrase Your Words for a Business Context
    • Update Your Language


    Listen Closely

    • Enhance Your Listening Ability
    • Give Nonverbal Feedback
    • Delay Your Response
    • Paraphrase and Clarify
    • Affirm the Speaker’s Feelings
    • Suggest Options


    Communicate Across the Miles

    • Adapt Face-to-Face Strengths to Other Communication
    • Respect for Cross-Cultural Preferences
    • Gesture with Care


    Course Duration

    1 day/s


    Who should attend

    This course is for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills.

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