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Quick Look Course Summary:MicroStation Fundamentals Course
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  • Length: 3 day(s)

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MicroStation Fundamentals Course: Introduction

This is the first of three courses on Micro station 3-D. This program is ideal for graphic design students, engineering students, and architectural students. Knowledge of technical drawing is required. This is the perfect program for projects for students.

MicroStation Fundamentals Course :Course Outline

1. Micro Station Fundamentals
Starting Micro Station
Using Micro Station Manager
Mouse Functions in Micro Station
A Tour of Micro Station
Using Toolboxes
The Tools Menu
Using the Help Feature

2. Drawing Navigation
Working with Multiple views
Micro Station’s View Control
Drawing Navigation
Other Windows Menu Commands
Selecting an Existing New Group

3. Preparing to Draw
Micro Station’s Disk-based nature
Seed files
Creating a custom seed file

4. Preparing Micro Station
User Preferences

5. Your First Session
Place Element Tools
Introducing to Element manipulation

6. Introduction to AccuDraw
Automatic Start
On / Off Toggle
The input focus
Precision input with AccuDraw
Rotating AccuDraw to the view orientation

7. Introduction to AccuSnap
Using AccuSnap for the first time
Manually executing a Snap
Putting the Puzzle Together

8. Advanced Designing with AccuDraw
AccuDraw Angles
The Angle Mode
Setting the AccuDraw origin
Setting Smart lock

9. Advanced Snapping with AccuSnap
Enabling or Disabling AccuSnap
AccuSnap and the Snap Mode settings
Near Snap point
Midpoint Snap
Centre Snap
Origin Snap
Bisector Snap
Intersect Snap
Tangent point Snap
Perpendicular point Snap

10. Working with Arc’s and Ellipses
Placing circles
Placing Arcs

11. Working with the Smart Line Tool
Smart Line’s SMARTS
Smart Line placement settings

12. Working with Shapes
Creating old fashioned drawing templates
The Place Shape Tool
The Place Orthogonal tool
The Place Regular Polygon tool

13. Measurement
Making measurements
The measurement tools
The measure radius and measure angle tools
The measure area tool
Other measuring tools

14. Element Attributes and Symbology
Element attributes
Line Weight
Active element transparency
Active element priority
The change element attributes tool
Match or Change by
Adding colour fill to solid elements
Changing the display order of elements

15. Manipulation
Move parallel
Rotating elements
Mirror element

16.Element Modifiers
Modify element
Extend element
Extending two elements to intersection
Extend element to intersection
Trim elements
Construct circular fillet
Construct chamfer

17. Complex Chains, Shapes & Regions
Creating complex chains & shapes
Creating Region
Complex shapes with Simplified geometry

18. Returning Elements to their Simple Existence
The Drop element tool
Left open on purpose

19. Micro Station’s Levels
Overlay Drafting
Level Display
Apply to all views
Pop-up menu to access additional options
Active level
Level Manager
Creating and Deleting levels

20.Selecting Techniques
Elements Selection
Select by attributes

21. Working with a Fence
Manipulating multiple elements
Using fences
Manipulating fence contents

22. Working with Cells
How we use cells
The creation of cells
Types of cells
Creating a cell

23. Hatching and Patterning
Pattern settings
Pattern methods
The Snappable pattern option
Associative patterning
Hatch area
Crosshatch area

24. Placing Text and Annotation
Placing text
Changing text after the fact
Changing text attributes
Place note
Text Styles
Important text attributes
Placing text with a text style

25. Placing Dimensions
The importance of Dimensioning
Association Lock
Dimension Size with arrows
Dimension Angle Between lines
Dimension Radial

26. Referencing
References Dialogue box

27. Plotting
The final plot scale – an early consideration
Plotting interface

28. Pre V8 Interoperability
V7 DGN files
Backwards compatibility – Saving V8 to V7 files

29. DWG Access
Reference DWG data in Micro Station
Using Micro Station to directly edit DWG file
Micro Station’s work mode
DWG options
Saving DGN data as DWG data
Creating several DWG files from DGN references

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MicroStation Fundamentals Course: Course Duration

3 day/s

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Who should attend: MicroStation Fundamentals Course

This course is intended for programmers, microstation fundamentals.

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