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Quick Look Course Summary:Demonstrate an understanding of an entrepreneurial profile
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  • Length: 3 day(s)

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  • Certification Type: Non-Accredited

  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

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    Demonstrate an understanding of an entrepreneurial profile

    When you are in the business of turning ideas into profits think seriously about becoming an entrepreneur

    (This Unit Standard course is aligned to: Further Education and Training Certificate: New Venture Creation)

    SAQA I.D. 66249 NQF Level: NQF Level 04

    Unit Standard: 263356

    Number of credits:  5

    Course Introduction

    BOTI offers entrepreneurship courses and business classes for entrepreneurs.  Enroll now on an entrepreneurship training program or book your seat on BOTI’s Unit Standard course: Demonstrate an understanding of an entrepreneurial profile.  BOTI offers business training programmes across South Africa.

    Course outline

    This unit standard is suitable for those individuals who are required to identify and develop within themselves, the personal characteristics of an entrepreneur that ensure the successful operation of a new venture. The unit standard also introduces the learner to the economic, administrative and behavioural (psycho-social) barriers that contribute to the success in starting and sustaining an enterprise. The learner will develop strategies to work effectively in a group and set personal goals in an entrepreneurial context.

    Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

    • Describe entrepreneurship.
    • Describe the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.
    • Develop individual entrepreneurial characteristics.
    • Explain methods to enhance an entrepreneurial profile.


    Prior learning requirements

    It is assumed that the learner has the following knowledge and skills:

    • Communication at NQF Level 3.


    Unit standard range

    • Group work and group dynamics.
    • Address shortcomings: Skills training, assertiveness training or equivalent programmes.
    • The role of entrepreneurship in social development: Job creation, empowerment, local wealth creation, urbanisation and negation of migrant labour.
    • The individual`s context may include family, community, spaza, organisation or business.
    • Entrepreneurial characteristics include, but are not limited to commitment, energy, need to achieve, tolerance for stress, decisiveness, and ability to deal with failure, ability to identify opportunities, to make informed decisions, ability to manage risk and time management.
    • Aptitude and personality tests. Psycho-social barriers contributing to failure.


    Course outcomes

    • Develop individual entrepreneurial characteristics.
    • Describe the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.
    • Explain methods to enhance an entrepreneurial profile.
    • Describe entrepreneurship.

    Course duration

    3 days


    Who should attend

    This course is aimed at those who wish to expand and improve their entrepreneurial skills.

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