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Quick Look Course Summary:Designing a Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Infrastructure (MS Course no. 10231B and support for exam no. 70-668) Course
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Designing a Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Infrastructure (MS Course no. 10231B and support for exam no. 70-668) Course: Introduction

This is Microsoft Course No: 10231B and support for exam No: 70-668. This is a qualifying course in Designing a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Infrastructure. This course introduces students to logical architecture, performance and capacity. At the end of the course students will understand the application of logical architecture, how to design and implement a security plan, understand metadata and Enterprise search functions.

Designing a Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Infrastructure (MS Course no. 10231B and support for exam no. 70-668) Course :Course Outline

1. Logical Design Structure

Overview of SharePoint 2010 Logical Architecture
Identifying Business Requirements
Documenting the Logical Architecture
SharePoint Online
SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1
Creating a Logical Architecture Diagram

2. Planning the Service Application Architecture

Introduction to the Service Application Architecture in SharePoint 2010
Service Application Architecture and Components
Documenting the Logical Architecture
Deploying Services across a Range of Farm Topologies
Mapping Service Applications to Your Logical Architecture
Create Service Applications and Assign Proxy Groups

3. Planning for Performance and Capacity

Principles of Performance Planning
Designing for Performance
Principles of Capacity Planning
Designing for Capacity
Creating a Performance Plan
Creating a Capacity Plan

4. Designing a Physical Architecture

Designing Physical Components for SharePoint Deployments
Designing Supporting Components for SharePoint Deployments
SharePoint Farm Topologies
Mapping a Logical Architecture Design to a Physical Architecture Design
Planning the Physical Architecture
Designing a Physical Architecture
Troubleshooting a Name Resolution Problem

5. Designing a Security Plan

Designing a Security Plan
Designing to Secure SharePoint 2010
Designing for Least-Privilege Security
Planning for Service Accounts
Identifying and Resolving Potential Security Issues
Granting Read Access to the Production Auditors Group
Planning Security for Users and Groups
Options for Implementing SSL in SharePoint 2010

6. Planning Authentication

Overview of Authentication
Introduction to Claims-based Authentication
Selecting Authentication Methods
Planning Authentication
Enabling Claims-Based Authentication

7. Planning Managed Metadata

Metadata in SharePoint 2010
Mapping Managed Metadata to Business Requirements
Overview of Content Types
Planning Managed Metadata
Designing Content Types and a Term Set Framework
Creating the Managed Metadata Service Application
Importing Term Sets
Publishing Content Types

8. Planning Social Computing

Overview of Social Computing
Planning for Social Computing Functionality in SharePoint 2010
Planning for the User Profile Service
Planning Social Computing
Planning User Profiles
Configuring User Profile Synchronisation

9. Designing an Enterprise Search Strategy

Overview of SharePoint 2010 Search Architecture
Overview of Microsoft FAST Search Server for SharePoint 2010
Search Topologies in SharePoint 2010
Capacity and Performance Planning for Search
Mapping Business Requirements to Search Design
Designing an Enterprise Search Strategy
Planning for Search
Planning Physical Topology
Creating Search Service Applications
Configuring Search

10. Planning Enterprise Content Management

Overview of Enterprise Content Management
Planning Tasks for Content Management
Planning Features and Policies for Content Management
Planning Web Content Management
Planning Enterprise Content Management
Developing a Content Management Plan
Enabling and Configuring Document IDs and Content Organizer
Configuring Retention Policies and Records Management

11. SharePoint Implementation of a Business Intelligence Strategy
Overview of Business Intelligence Principles
Creating a BI Centre and Enabling Excel Services
Planning Data Access by Using BCS
Planning the SharePoint Business Intelligence Implementation
Planning SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Solutions
Planning for Reporting and Presentation

12. Developing a Plan for Governance

Overview of Governance
Key Elements of a Governance Plan
Developing a Plan for Governance
Planning for Governance in SharePoint Server 2010
Creating a Governance Plan
Implementing the Governance Plan

13. Designing a Maintenance and Monitoring Plan

Principles of Maintenance and Monitoring
Creating a Maintenance Plan for SharePoint 2010
Creating a Monitoring Plan for SharePoint 2010
Resolving an Error in SharePoint 2010
Splitting a Content Database

Designing a Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Infrastructure (MS Course no. 10231B and support for exam no. 70-668) Course: Course Duration

3 day/s

Who should attend: Designing a Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Infrastructure (MS Course no. 10231B and support for exam no. 70-668) Course

This course is Microsoft Course no. 10231B and support for exam no. 70-668

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