Quick Look Course Summary:Human Resources Management and Labour Relations Training – BOTi Essential Course
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  • Length: 2 day(s)

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  • Certification Type:Accredited

  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

Human Resources Management and Labour Relations Training: Course Introduction

A business is nothing without it’s people. Human Resources are a key department in any established company. A in-depth understanding of a company’s human  capitol will, in no small part, be a decisive factor it’s ultimate success.

The face of Human Resources has changed drastically and it’s role has grown substantially in recent years, we offer this course (Human Resources Training, HR Courses) for all who need training in this key business area – Human Resource management.


Human Resources Management and Labour Relations Training: Course Outline

  1. Introduction

Understand Performance Reviews

Understand Labour Legislation

Deal With Disciplinary hearings

  1. Recruiting personnel

Active Recruitment

  1. Course Outcomes

Formulating Performance Standards

Establish Monitoring Systems

Preparing for Performance Review

Conducting Performance Review Interview

  1. Plan and Prepare for recruitment

Recruit applicants

Select staff

  1. Basic Conditions of Employment Act

Purpose and Application

Particulars of Employment

  1. Legal Proceedings

Understand legal proceedings according to the Act

Handle disciplinary hearings

Reach informed decisions

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Human Resources Management and Labour Relations Training: Course Duration

2 day/s

Human Resources Management and Labour Relations Training Course: Who should attend

This course (Human Resources Training, HR Courses) is intended for those working in HR and Labour Relations.

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(Human Resources Training, HR Courses)

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