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Quick Look Course Summary:Mentoring & Coaching Course
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  • Length: 5 day(s)

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  • Certification Type:Accredited

  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

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    Masterful Mentoring: Elevate Your Leadership with Our Coaching Excellence Course – Best Training For Managers

    Empower your managers with the best leadership development courses and leadership coaching courses available. Our training for managers is designed to cultivate effective leadership skills, enhance team performance, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Elevate your organization with our top-tier leadership development programs tailored to unlock your team’s full potential

    Masterful Mentoring: Elevate Your Leadership with Our Coaching Excellence Course!

    Elevate your Management & Leadership skills with our accredited 3-day Mentoring and Coaching Course, accredited by Services Seta. Covering unit standard Standards 252035 at NQF level 5 (Select and coach first line managers), this dynamic program imparts key concepts and benefits for individuals and organizations. Experience job satisfaction, skill development, and organizational excellence. Join us for transformative learning!

    Our Mentoring and Coaching Course is accredited by the Services Seta, covering unit standard Standards 252035 at NQF level 5, worth 8 credits.


    Course Duration: 3 Days

    The broad aim of this course is to introduce participants to key knowledge, attitudes, and skills pertaining to mentoring and coaching in the business environment. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

    • Define the key concepts associated with Coaching and Mentoring
    • Understand the basic processes behind coaching & mentoring
    • Have the ability to introduce coaching & mentoring into the organization
    • Understand the benefits of coaching and mentoring in the Organization
    • Identify opportunities for coaching and mentoring
    • Understand the nature of the relationships that must be managed in any coaching or mentoring program
    • Use the knowledge for the overall benefit of the organization

    The main reasons why organizations need coaching and mentoring activities are as follows:

      • To maximize knowledge transfer
      • To increase the skill levels
      • For succession planning
      • To maximize knowledge transfer

    Coaching & Mentoring provides a learning channel that effectively transfers knowledge within the organization. Critical knowledge is maintained, contextual learning is evident, and customization of skills in relation to the core activities of the business is retained. Cross-training of staff can be achieved, and for succession planning, the ability for the organization to identify ‘fast track’ candidates and prepare them for new jobs is enhanced by coaching & mentoring. Coaching & Mentoring can ensure continuity of performance when key staff leave the organization because core skills have been transferred.

    Benefits to the Coach/Mentor:

    • Job Satisfaction
    • Further development of own skill level
    • Involvement in strategic activity

    Benefits to the Employee:

    • Increase in skill level
    • Access to detailed knowledge
    • Individual attention in terms of training and development
    • Career path progression

    Benefits to the Organization:

    • Retention of staff
    • Increased skill and knowledge levels
    • Succession planning
    • Competitive advantage through better people
    • Maximum utilization of human resources

    Upon completing this course, participants should be able to:

    • Clarify what is meant by mentoring and coaching
    • Explain the relationship between mentoring and coaching
    • Explain the importance of knowledge in mentoring
    • Use questioning techniques to identify needs of learners
    • Explore the values and attitudes necessary for coaching and mentoring
    • Discuss the roles and responsibilities when coaching and mentoring
    • List the benefits of coaching and mentoring for the organization
    • Give the constitutional and legislative context of mentorship
    • Give honest feedback and encourage learners to develop a self-critical approach
    • Explain how to set up, monitor, and evaluate a mentorship program
    • Identify obstacles to, and challenges within, coaching and mentorship programs
    • Apply skills and techniques necessary for effective mentoring and coaching
    • Develop a plan for individual coaching and mentoring within a team environment
    • Prepare strategies around cross-cultural mentoring

    Course Content:

    • Defining self-awareness
    • Holistic development model
    • What is the difference between mentoring and coaching
    • Definitions of mentoring
    • Types of mentor/coach/trainee relationships
    • Coaching: What is it?
    • Coaching skills
    • Situational leadership
    • The individual work plan – contents
    • The key performance indicators
    • Summary of the process of setting KPI’s
    • Stewardship delegation
    • The case for delegation: letting go of things others can do
    • Barriers to delegation
    • Delegation definitions
    • When not to delegate
    • When is coaching not the answer?
    • Preparing a coaching plan
    • Questioning skills
    • Probing
    • Listening is a skill, an art, and a discipline
    • Feedback skills
    • Some criteria for useful feedback
    • Receiving feedback
    • Monitoring and recording the results
    • The constitutional & legislative context of mentoring and coaching
    • Roles and responsibilities of mentees
    • Challenges posed by formal mentorship programs
    • Starting with yourself
    • Personal attributes required of a mentor or coach
    • The values and attitudes necessary for mentors and mentees
    • The roles and responsibilities of mentors
    • Seven types of mentor assistance
    • Getting started – How to set up, monitor, and evaluate a mentorship program
    • Mentoring skills and strategy – Cross-cultural and cross-gender mentoring
    • Overcoming obstacles & challenges to mentorship programs
    • Overcoming obstacles to ensure successful mentoring
    • The phases of the mentoring relationship
    • Mentoring success & failure factors
    • Employee learning and development
    • Management development
    • Career development
    • Training needs analysis
    • Record the developmental needs of staff
    • Relate the development needs to the career development paths
    • Finding the right course for the individual or team
    • Talent management and people development


    Investing in the best training for managers is paramount for organizational success. Our leadership development courses and leadership coaching courses offer the essential tools and strategies to nurture strong leadership capabilities within your management team. With our training, your managers will not only enhance their own leadership skills but also learn how to effectively coach and mentor their staff, driving performance and fostering growth. Empower your managers to lead with confidence and inspire their teams to achieve greatness. Elevate your organization’s leadership capabilities today with our transformative training programs/

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