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Quick Look Course Summary:Coaching And Mentoring Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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  • Certification Type: Non-Accredited

  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

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    Coaching And Mentoring Course: Introduction

    • Quite possibly the best way to train successors and new managers is by coaching and mentoring.
    • This comprehensive course focuses on coaching and mentoring methods that turn potential leaders into leaders and not assistants.

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    Coaching And Mentoring Course :Course Outline

    • We  identify what coaching and mentoring is and we look at the differences between them.
    • When one coaches someone, you are normally teaching them a specific skill, with the less formal mentoring, we find a more generalized assistance and the areas targeted will be more general, such as meetings and networking for instance. Next we introduce and explain to participants the G. R. O. W. method which we will summarize here, GROW is Goal setting, Reality checking, Options developed and Wrapping things up.
    • The method is simple yet powerful and it puts you and your employee at ease enabling the process to be more valuable and rewarding. We move on to goal setting within the context of the GROW method, ensuring that both coach and student set attainable goals which are clearly defined.
    • We discuss identifying goal areas for mentors in this module as well.
    • Following on to goal setting we refresh our toolkit by looking at the SMART method taught in soft skills.
    • The next step we will discuss is obstacles, we teach participants the IRA steps to identify obstacles, in a nutshell they are: Identifying the obstacle, Rooting out the cause and giving an Antidote to the problem. At this point coaches might want to explore their employee’s past productivity in the position they are coaching them in at present.
    • It helps to take a look back to show the employee where things have improved and where there is still room for improvement.
    • Identifying the path you wish to lead your student in is very important for a coach or mentor and we will help participants identify their own paths, and help them to develop their options and choose their approach.
    • TIP: Both coaching and mentoring someone is very much a milestone based concept. The 3T questioning technique helps you to overcome three major milestones.
    • You simply ask yourself where you want to be: Tomorrow, Two weeks from today and Thirty days from today.
    • You may need to guide your employee when answering the first question.
    • Now we are ready to create a final plan and implement it.
    • We want the student to learn from the coach, apply what they have learnt successfully, measure their new ability and be able to assess their performance overall.
    • We end off our workshop by looking at feedback, constructive criticism and encouraging growth, finally we take a quick look at transitioning.

    BOTI’s Program Outline

    Component 1: Starting Out
    • Activities to break the ice
    • The Parking Area
    • Program Objectives
    • Housekeeping matters and administration

    Component 2: Defining Coaching as well as Mentoring
    • Exactly what is coaching?
    • Introducing the GROW Model

    • Exactly what is Mentoring?

    Component 3: Setting Objectives
    • Identifying Appropriate Goal Areas
    • Setting SMART Objectives
    • Objectives in the context of GROW

    Component 4: Comprehending the Reality
    • Identifying Hurdles
    • Exploring the Past
    • Getting a Picture of Where You Are

    Component 5: Developing Options
    • Choosing Your Final Approach
    • Structuring a Plan
    • Identifying Paths

    Component 6: Wrapping it All Up
    • Getting Motivated
    • Identifying the First Step
    • Creating the Final Plan

    Component 7: The Significance of Trust

    • Exactly what is Trust?
    • Generating Trust
    • Trust as well as Coaching

    Component 8: Providing suggestions
    • Encouraging Growth as well as Development
    • The suggestions Sandwich
    • Providing useful Criticism

    Component 9: Overcoming Roadblocks
    • Common Hurdles

    • Re-Evaluating Objectives
    • concentrating on Progress

    Component 10: Reaching the End
    • Wrapping it All Up
    • How to Know When You’ve Achieved achievements
    • Transitioning the Coached

    Component 11: How Mentoring Differs from Coaching
    • Adapting the GROW Model for Mentoring
    • The Basic Differences
    • Blending the 2 Models
    • concentrating on the Relationship

    Component 12: Concluding
    • Key Learnings
    • Wise Men’s words
    • Assessment of Parking Area
    • Evaluations as well as Completion Of activity Plans

    Coaching And Mentoring Course: Course Duration

    1 day/s

    Who should attend: Coaching And Mentoring Course

    This is for managers who would like to coach or mentor potential managers.

    **Quote does not include Any Exam Fees (if applicable)

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    For coaching courses cape town, coaching classes or a coaching workshop contact BOTI today!

    BOTI also offers: Coaching and Mentoring for Junior Managers and Supervisors

    For coaching courses cape town, coaching classes or a coaching workshop contact BOTI today!


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