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Quick Look Course Summary:Design and Develop Effective Learning Material Training Course
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  • Length: 3 day(s)

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  • Certification Type:SETA Accredited

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    Course Overview

    The Design and Develop Effective Learning Material Training Course is aimed at those individuals who wish to learn how to organise and plan, develop and design various learning materials and content including applicable curricula and develop the required assessment instruments for use within a wide range of purposes involved in the Learning context or according to SETA requirements.

    This SAQA accredited course is suitable for those who aspire towards designing and developing effective learning materials suitable for all delivery methods and learning approaches and is particularly valuable to Assessors and Moderators as well as HR Practitioners and all Learning and Development Practitioners who are required to gain an understanding of the construct and how to evaluate the various assessment instruments.

    Unit Standard Numbers:

    This course is aligned to multiple unit standards as follows:


    Course Duration

    4 days

    NQF Levels and number of credits:

    This course is pitched at the following NQF Levels and is made up of these Unit Standards and number of credits:

    US123396, NQF4, Credits: 6
    US123394, NQF5, Credits: 10
    US115755, NQF6, Credits: 10

    Credits:  26 as per multiple unit standards

    Course Outline

    Become skilled at designing and developing effective learning material when you learn:

    How to plan and prepare for the development of effective learning material:  Module 1

    Successfully completing this module will enable you to skillfully:

    • Analyse the brief presented with respect to development
    • Meet with the designer to discuss, clarify and approve the brief
    • Construct an appropriate development plan
    • Procure and evaluate appropriate resources required
    • Coordinate and implement supplier and support services activities
    • Arrange any specialised elements that may be required
    • Ensure that all technical and IT requirements are available and functional

    How to describe and define the Target Audience Profiles and perform a Skills Gaps Audit:  Module 2

    When you successfully complete this module you will be able to:

    • Effectively prepare to profile Learners and conduct a basic skills audit
    • Profile the Learners
    • Conduct a basic skills audit
    • Produce a report outlining the Target Audience Profiles and identified skills gaps

    How to develop effective learning materials:  Module 3

    Upon successful completion of this module you will have learned how to:

    • Apply the correct sequence to the various learning activities
    • Develop the various learning activities
    • Determine the appropriateness of materials used with regards to the Learner and within the learning context
    • Ensure that materials used are in line with adult learning principles
    • Ensure the correct use of language in developing the required learning materials
    • Ensure that the development of learning materials meets budgetary requirements
    • Ensure that the learning materials are succinct and clearly presented

    How to develop guidelines for learning facilitation:  Module 4

    Successfully completing this module will enable you to understand the importance of and ensure that the Guidelines for Learning Facilitation are in line with the following:

    • Sufficient background information is made available to the Facilitator
    • The learning outcomes and the summative assessment arrangements have been identified
    • Sufficient insights into the learning design have been made available to the Facilitator
    • Clear instructions have been provided to support the facilitation of learning
    • Common learning challenges are emphasised
    • Materials required for implementation are properly identified
    • The structure, appropriate sequence and timeframes are properly articulated

    How to pilot and evaluate the proposed development:  Module 5

    Upon successful completion of this module you will effectively be able to:

    • Organise the pilot
    • Evaluate the learning programme in line with quality assurance requirements
    • Analyse the evaluation in terms of identifying strengths and weaknesses within the learning material and implement required improvements

    How to effectively design and develop outcomes-based assessments:  Module 6

    Once you have successfully completed this module you will be able to:

    • Demonstrate an understanding of the design principles involved in outcomes-based assessment
    • Appropriately design an outcomes-based assessment
    • Develop suitable assessment activities
    • Develop appropriate assessment guides
    • Effectively evaluate the assessment design
    • Effectively evaluate the assessment guides

    Benefits of attending the Design and Develop Effective Learning Material Training Course

    Upon successful completion of this  SAQA Accredited course, you will have acquired in-depth knowledge and an overall understanding of what is involved in the process of designing and developing effective learning material.  This course will therefore enable you to:

    • Achieve recognition towards a number of different qualifications within the fields of Education Training and Development and Human Resource Development and enhance your employment opportunities within these fields.

    Who is this course suitable for?

    This course is aimed at individuals who are seeking to improve their knowledge and understanding of designing and developing effective learning materials with a view to furthering their ambitions within the fields of Education Training and Development and Human Resource Development.

    This Unit Standard course is aligned to the following Unit Standards:

    US123396:  Define target audience profiles and skills gaps
    US123394:  Develop outcomes-based learning programmes
    US115755:   Design and develop outcomes-based assessments


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    Core 50334 National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices Level 5 Level TBA: Pre-2009 was L5 Reregistered 2023-06-30 ETDP SETA


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