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Quick Look Course Summary:Publisher 2013 Advanced Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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    Publisher 2013 Advanced Course: Introduction

    This is the advanced course in Publisher 2013, this course focuses on the more advanced features of Publisher, including customising publications, customising printing publications, formatting text and customising master-pages.

    Publisher 2013 Advanced Course :Course Outline

    1. Introduction
    Workshop objectives
    Pre workshop review

    2. Advanced content options
    Importing text from a file
    Embedding an object
    Creating word art
    WordArt tools

    3. Text
    Wrapping text around a picture
    Adding text to a shape
    Building blocks

    4. Pictures
    Inserting pictures into a shape
    Making a picture transparent
    Adjusting a picture
    Format picture dialog box

    5. Working with shapes
    Changing a shape
    Editing a curve
    Adding shape effects
    Working with shape measurements
    Format shape dialog box

    6. Working with graphics and objects
    Layering objects
    Grouping objects
    Rotating and flipping objects
    Snapping objects to other objects
    Graphics manager task pane

    7. Page layout
    Changing the template
    Built-in guides
    Using the ruler guides dialog box
    Using baseline guides

    8. Master pages
    Master pages
    Editing a master page
    Creating a master page
    Applying a master page
    Send to master pages

    9. Merges
    Creating a data source for merges
    Email or mail merge wizard
    Creating labels with postal code bars
    Tracking effectiveness

    10. Creating a catalogue
    Inserting catalogue pages
    Creating a product list
    Choosing a catalogue layout
    Finish your catalogue merge

    11. Publication information
    Using the design checker
    Managing embedded fonts
    Setting publisher options
    Customising the ribbon or toolbar
    Compressing pictures

    12. Topics not discussed
    Post workshop overview

    Publisher 2013 Advanced Course: Course Duration

    1 day/s

    Who should attend: Publisher 2013 Advanced Course

    This course is intended for advanced users of Microsoft Publisher.

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