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Quick Look Course Summary:Microsoft Office All-In-One Course
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  • Length: 5 day(s)

  • Price (at your venue): 1 Person R 26,900.00 EX VAT 3 Person R 18,716.99 EX VAT 10 Person R 12,369.86 EX VAT

  • Certification Type:Accredited

  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

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    Microsoft All-in-One Essentials Course

    Duration: 5 days (Accredited)


    This course provides an introductory overview of using personal computers in an everyday office setting. Beginning with fundamental components such as the keyboard, mouse, and internet, the course gradually covers essential skills in using Microsoft Office Suite applications like Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint.


    Whether for personal or professional purposes, this course is ideal for beginners seeking to acquire essential computer skills and proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite.  As with all our courses, this practical and user-friendly program ensures a seamless learning experience.


    This program is aligned to US258883, (Windows Fundamentals), Level 1, 4 Credits; US117924, (Word Essentials), Level 2, 5 Credits; US116937, (Excel Essentials), Level 2, 4 Credits; US117923, (PowerPoint Essentials), Level 2, 5 Credits; US116935, (Outlook Essentials), Level 2, 3 Credits



    DAY 1: Windows Fundamentals

    US: 258883, NQF1, Credits: 4


    Module 1: Utilize Pointing Device and Desktop

    Module 2: Utilize GUI Window Features

    Module 3: Navigate the Help Facility

    Module 4: Using Genetic Print Options



    Upon finishing this course and passing the assessment, learners will have gained the following skills:

    • Exploring Windows Store Apps and Navigation Features
    • Interacting with Desktop Applications
    • Navigating with Microsoft Edge
    • Personalizing the Windows Environment
    • Utilizing Windows Security Features


    DAY 2: Word Essentials

    US:117924, NQF2, Credits: 5,


    Module 1: Introduction to Word Basics

    Module 2: Document Editing Techniques

    Module 3: Text and Paragraph Formatting

    Module 4: Managing Multiple Documents

    Module 5: Working with Templates

    Module 6: Inserting Graphics

    Module 7: Controlling Page Layout

    Module 8: Document Proofreading



    Upon finishing this course and passing the assessment, learners will have gained the following skills:

    ✓ Manage multiple documents.

    ✓ Apply text formatting.

    ✓ Apply paragraph formatting.

    ✓ Customize page formatting.

    ✓ Overall document formatting.

    ✓ Utilize and create templates.



    DAY 3: Excel Essentials

    US:116937, NQF2, Credits: 4


    Module 1: Fundamentals of Spreadsheets

    Module 2: Excel Basics and Introduction

    Module 3: Conducting Calculations

    Module 4: Editing a Worksheet

    Module 5: Formatting a Worksheet

    Module 6: Reviewing and Printing the Spreadsheet

    Module 7: Personalizing the Excel Environment



    This unit standard is intended for people who need to create and edit

    Upon finishing this course and passing the assessment, learners will have gained the following skills:

    • Exhibit comprehension of spreadsheet principles.
    • Generate, open, and save spreadsheets.
    • Construct a spreadsheet based on given specifications.
    • Modify and format a spreadsheet.
    • Verify spelling in a spreadsheet.
    • Print a spreadsheet utilizing spreadsheet-specific features.


    DAY 4: PowerPoint Essentials 

    US:117923, NQF2, Credits: 5


    Module 1: Presentation Preparation: View Options and Slide Formats

    Module 2: Managing Multiple Presentations: Opening and Manipulating Text

    Module 3: Automated Formatting: Slide Layouts and Design Templates

    Module 4: Tab Settings and Usage: Adding Images and Bullets

    Module 5: Headers, Footers, Notes, and Handouts

    Module 6: Slide Management: Sorting, Hiding, and Running a Slideshow



    Upon finishing this course and passing the assessment, learners will have gained the following skills:

    • Prepare and create a presentation based on a given brief.
    • Customize the view and preferences of the presentation application.
    • Manage multiple presentations.
    • Format a presentation professionally.
    • Incorporate special effects into the presentation.
    • Insert graphics and visual elements.
    • Personalize PowerPoint for a specific purpose.
    • Prepare for delivering the presentation.


    DAY 5: Outlook Essentials

    US:116935, NQF2, Credits: 3


    Module 1: Legal, Ethical, and Organizational Considerations Regarding Email Usage

    Module 2: Configuring Advanced Message Settings

    Module 3: Message Management Techniques

    Module 4: Contact Management Strategies

    Module 5: Task and Note Collaboration Methods



    Upon finishing this course and passing the assessment, learners will have gained the following skills:

    Utilize email for sending and receiving messages.

    • Discuss the legal, ethical, and organizational considerations associated with email usage.
    • Administer email messages effectively.
    • Navigate the address book features of email applications.



    Daniels Cloete – Black Mountain Mining (Pty) Ltd

    ‘This course was a real benefit in learning the finer details of PowerPoint. ‘

    G Green – Black Mountain Mining (Pty) Ltd
    ‘Very  insightful. The facilitator was very helpful and knows the subject very well.
    Bianca Steytler – Meridian Agrochemical Company (Pty) Ltd
    ‘I learnt a lot of new formulas and tricks to automate processes. What went well for me was hands-on learning with examples from our own work put into perspective. The best thing about this course was formulas and actual examples to practice on.’

    Kelly-anne Smith – Meridian Agrochemical Company (Pty) Ltd
    ‘What went well for me was the use of formulas and pivot tables and I now have more knowledge on how to use Excel better.’

    Katrien de Ridder – Meridian Agrochemical Company (Pty) Ltd

    ‘I learned new skills regarding formulas, functions and pivot tables..

    Diederick Klopper – Meridian Agrochemical Company (Pty) Ltd
    ‘I can now easily set up my data into Excel.’

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