Quick Look Course Summary:Managing a Drawing Office Training – BOTi Essential Course
  • Next Public Course Date: 6 Nov. 2019

  • Length: 2 day(s)

  • Price: 1 Person R 10,615.00 EX VAT 3 Person R 6,434.81 EX VAT 10 Person R 4,214.39 EX VAT

  • Certification Type:ACREDDITED

  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

Managing a Drawing Office: Course Outline

1. The Functioning of a Drawing Office Chief Draughtsman Section Leader Designer Senior Draughtsman or Draughtsmen Trainees Technical Clerks Standards Section Checkers 2. Engineering Drawing Principles The Need for Drawing Standards 3. Company Standards Standards for Dimensioning Material Standards Draughting Standards and Codes of Practice How to apply Drawing Standards 4. Configuration Management (CM) A Brief History Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Configuration Manager Configuration Principles Maintenance Systems Construction Industry

Managing a Drawing Office Course: Course Duration

2 day/s

Who should attend: Managing a Drawing Office Course

This course is intended for users working in a drawing office. **Quote does not include Any Exam Fees (if applicable) IMPORTANT ACTION: Do Not Wait To Improve Your Skills.   Book Now By Completing Online Booking Form / Customised Proposal or Obtain Approval For Your Already Received Customised Proposal

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