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Quick Look Course Summary:Implementing a Data Warehouse with MS SQL Server 2014 Training Course Course
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  • Length: 3 day(s)

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Implementing a Data Warehouse with MS SQL Server 2014 Training Course Course: Introduction

Our course provides an introduction to the key components of a data warehousing solution and the high-level considerations you must take into account when you embark on a data warehousing project. The course also describes the key considerations for the logical design of a data warehouse, and then discusses best practices for its physical implementation. Amongst other topics, debugging, ETL solutions and implementing control flow will also be discussed.

Implementing a Data Warehouse with MS SQL Server 2014 Training Course Course :Course Outline

1. Introduction to Data Warehousing
Overview of Data Warehousing
Considerations for a Data Warehouse Solution
Exploring a Data Warehousing Solution
Exploring Data Sources
Exploring and ETL Process
Exploring a Data Warehouse

2. Planning Data Warehouse Infrastructure
Considerations for Data Warehouse Infrastructure
Planning Data Warehouse Hardware

3. Designing and Implementing a Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse Design Overview
Designing Dimension Tables
Designing Fact Tables
Physical Design for a Data Warehouse
Implementing a Data Warehouse
Implement a Star Schema
Implement a Snowflake Schema
Implement a Time Dimension

4. Creating an ETL Solution with SSIS
Introduction to ETL with SSIS
Exploring Data Sources
Implementing Data Flow
Implementing Data Flow in an SSIS Package
Transferring Data by Using a Data Flow Task
Using Transformations in a Data Flow

5. Implementing Control Flow in an SSIS Package
Introduction to Control Flow
Creating Dynamic Packages
Using Containers
Managing Consistency
Using Tasks and Precedence in a Control Flow
Using Variables and Parameters
Using Containers
Using Transactions and Checkpoints

6. Debugging and Troubleshooting SSIS Packages
Debugging an SSIS Package
Logging SSIS Package Events
Handling Errors in an SSIS Package
Logging SSIS Package Execution
Implementing an Event Handler
Handling Errors in a Data Flow

7. Implementing a Data Extraction Solution
Planning Data Extraction
Extracting Modified Data
Extracting Modified Data
Using a Date time Column
Using Change Data Capture
Using the CDC Control Task
Using Change Tracking

8. Loading Data into a Data Warehouse
Planning Data Loads
Using SSIS for Incremental Loads
Using Transact-SQL Loading Techniques
Loading a Data Warehouse
Loading Data from CDC Output Tables
Using a Lookup Transformation to Insert or Update Dimension Data
Implementing a Slowly Changing Dimension
Using the MERGE Statement

9. Enforcing Data Quality
Introduction to Data Quality
Using Data Quality Services to Cleanse Data
Cleansing Data
Creating a DQS Knowledge Base
Using a DQS Project to Cleanse Data
Using DQS in an SSIS Package

10. Master Data Services
Introduction to Master Data Services
Implementing a Master Data Services Model
Managing Master Data
Creating a Master Data Hub
Implementing Master Data Services
Creating a Master Data Services Model
Using the Master Data Services Add-in for Excel
Enforcing Business Rules
Loading Data Into a Model
Consuming Master Data Services Data

11. Extending SQL Server Integration Services
Using Scripts in SSIS
Using Custom Components in SSIS
Using Custom Scripts
Using a Script Task

Implementing a Data Warehouse with MS SQL Server 2014 Training Course Course: Course Duration

3 day/s

Who should attend: Implementing a Data Warehouse with MS SQL Server 2014 Training Course Course

This course is intended for programmers, SQL Server.

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