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Quick Look Course Summary:Configuring and Administering Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 (MS Course no. 10174B and support for exam no. 70-667) Course
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  • Length: 3 day(s)

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    Configuring and Administering Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 (MS Course no. 10174B and support for exam no. 70-667)

    Course Introduction

    This is Microsoft Course No: 101748 with Exam Nr: 71-667. This practical course includes an introduction to SharePoint 2010, creating an Intranet point, how to administrate SharePoint and how to customise the application. After completing the course participants will write the accompanying exam as a qualification in SharePoint.

    Course Outline

    1. Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint 2010

    Features of SharePoint 2010
    Preparing for SharePoint
    Installing SharePoint 2010++
    Advanced Installation
    Create Active Directory Accounts for SharePoint
    Installing a Language Pack

    2. Creating a SharePoint Intranet Point

    Initial Farm Configuration
    Configuring the SharePoint Logical Structure
    Introduction to the SharePoint Web Application
    Physical Architecture
    Creating a SharePoint 2010 Intranet
    Creating a Web Application
    Creating a Site Application
    Creating a Site Collection in a New Content Database

    3. Administrating and Automating SharePoint

    Administration and Automation Options
    Central Administration
    Administration from the Command Line
    Automating Operations with Windows Power Shell
    Adding Functionality to Windows Power Shell
    Delegating Use of Power Shell to Manage SharePoint
    Reporting Web and Site Collection Properties

    Creating Site Collections using Power Shell
    Creating and Upgrading Items

    4. Customising Content Management

    Content Storage and Access
    Site Content Types and Site Columns
    Customising the Managed Metadata Service
    Configuring List Throttling and Remote BLOB Storage
    Enabling FILE STREAM and Provisioning the RBS Data Store
    Installing RBS on all SharePoint Web and Application Servers
    Configuring the BLOB Size Threshold for RBS
    Implementing Managed Metadata

    5. Configuring Authentication

    Classic SharePoint Authentication Providers
    Federated Authentication
    Configuring Custom Authentication
    Creating and Configuring an ASP.NET Membership Database
    Creating a Web Application that uses Claims-Based Authentication
    Configuring Secure Store
    Creating user accounts for access to External Data
    Secure Store Services
    Unattended Accounts

    6. Securing Content

    Administering SharePoint Groups
    Implementing SharePoint Roles and Role Assignments
    Securing and Auditing SharePoint Content
    Configuring Security
    Managing SharePoint Groups
    Creating Custom Permission Levels
    Managing Permissions and Inheritance
    Creating a Web Application Policy

    7. Managing SharePoint Customisations

    Customising Microsoft SharePoint
    Deploying and Managing Features and Solutions
    Configuring Sandboxed Solutions
    Modifying Sandboxed Solutions Timer Jobs
    Configuring Sandboxed Points

    8. Individual Services and Service Applications

    Securing an Enterprise SharePoint Service
    Isolating and Securing Web Applications
    Services and Service Applications
    Administering SharePoint Services
    Administering SharePoint Windows Services
    Application Security
    Configuring Web Application and Application Pool Security
    Configuring Secure Sockets Layer Security
    Configuring Service Applications
    Creating a Service Application

    9. User Profiles and Social Networking

    Configuring User Profiles
    Implementing Social Networking Features
    Creating User Profile Service Applications
    Configuring Profile Import from External Data Sources
    Administering and Configuring My Sites

    10. Administering and Configuring SharePoint Search
    Configuring Search
    Refining Search
    Creating Content for Search
    Creating an Enterprise Search Centre Site
    Creating and Configuring a Content Source
    Configuring File Types
    Configuring Search Settings
    Configuring Managed Properties
    Creating and Configuring a Search Scope
    Tuning SharePoint Search
    Creating Keywords and Best Bets
    Configuring a Thesaurus
    Configuring Noise Words

    11. Implementing Productivity Service Applications
    Business Connectivity Services
    Excel Services
    Performance Point Services
    InfoPath Forms Services
    Visio Services Features
    Access Services
    Implement Office Web Apps

    Course Duration

    3 day/s

    Who should attend

    This course is Microsoft Course no. 10174B and support for exam no. 70-667

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