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Quick Look Course Summary:Managing a Remote Team during Coronavirus
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Managing a Remote Team During Coronavirus

Course Introduction

Virtual training technology meeting the needs of individuals and business during Coronavirus

Managing any team comes with its own set of unique challenges.  Yet, every day, as technology moves us forward, we find new ways and means to capitalise on each aspect of the virtual world that we live in.  Such is the case with virtual training technology.

During Coronavirus, many of us are practising social distancing and some of us have either been quarantined or opted to place ourselves in self-isolation.  The implications of this sudden seemingly restrictive new form of living and working are far reaching both for business and our private lives.  Yet, while some might view this time as one of adversity, adverse circumstances are often a breeding ground for new opportunities to grow and learn.  This is where we step in and step up to the plate in the virtual classroom.

Technology and the ability to do everything online are therefore our most important assets in the virtual environment.  Hence, all participants of a virtual or remote team need to be onboard, on the same page and literally singing from the same hymn sheet no matter where they are geographically situated.  The advantages of a remote team also mean that we can choose to work with anyone, anytime, anywhere; bringing a range of diverse skills from the most suitably qualified people into our sphere.  Working remotely also means that we can benefit from different work styles and cultures and share knowledge, information and the newest and latest trends with each other.

Course Outline

1. Introduction

  • Workshop objectives

2. Remote workforce

  • Definition
  • Types of remote workforces
  • Benefits of remote workforce
  • Materials for remote workforce
  • Case study

3. High performance teams

  • Definition
  • Benefits
  • Leadership
  • Team dynamics
  • Case study

4. Characteristics of high performance teams

  • Excellent communication
  • Goal oriented
  • Flexibility
  • Committed
  • Case study

5. How to create teamwork

  • Identify group and individual responsibilities
  • Give permission to take action
  • Build relationships between teams and managers
  • Give feedback
  • Case study

6. Types of communication

  • Virtual team communication
  • Telephone conferences
  • Email communication
  • Intranet, webpage and social media
  • Case study

7. Training your team

  • Telecommute training
  • Web-based training
  • Peer to peer training
  • Training assessment and retraining
  • Case study

8. Managing the team

  • Tracking the team
  • Counselling employees
  • Positive recognition for employees
  • Training never stops
  • Case study

9. Effective team meeting

  • Have a clear agenda
  • Use screen shots or references
  • Create a safe place
  • Team meeting don’ts
  • Case study

10. Keep them happy and motivated

  • Watch for signs of conflict
  • Employee feedback and concerns
  • Additional education
  • Career growth
  • Case study

11. “Don’ts”

  • Don’t forget to share success
  • Don’t delay in responding
  • Don’t assign vague responsibilities
  • Don’t be a dictator
  • Case study

12. Topics not discussed

  • Post workshop overview

Course Duration

2 day/s

Who should attend

This course is intended for managers who are required to manage teams remotely and achieve a high level of performance in the virtual environment.

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