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Quick Look Course Summary:Monitoring and Evaluation Course
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  • Length: 3 day(s)

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    Monitoring and Evaluation Course

    Monitoring & Evaluation is a critical management function in today’s business, NGO, and government landscape. It involves tracking and evaluating organizational performance to provide evidence of achieving defined outcomes and impacts. The South African government has set ambitious development targets that require a transparent national and provincial monitoring and evaluation system to support performance management and strategic planning. This course aims to empower leaders, managers, teams, and individuals in public and private organizations to develop their skills in monitoring and evaluation. It covers key concepts, processes, and practices of M&E, including understanding a results-based management approach, problem analysis tools, results chains, and Gantt charts. Participants will learn about M&E indicators, data collection, and analysis, as well as how to set up an M&E framework and conduct different types of evaluations. The course will be conducted over three days, starting with an introduction to organizational performance management and M&E concepts and context. Participants will learn how to prepare for M&E in their work processes and projects, develop a work-breakdown structure, and select appropriate indicators. Delegates  will also be able to  set up an M&E framework, building capacity in teams, and establishing performance standards and monitoring systems. The covers methods and tools for data collection and analysis, the uses of monitoring data, and the development of project evaluation reports.

    Course duration

    3 days  

    Course Outcomes

    After completing this course, participants will be equipped to:
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of monitoring and evaluation and its relevance to strategic management, project management, and policy implementation
    • Learn about the Government-wide M&E framework, as well as related guidelines such as Stats SA and Presidency indicators
    • Comprehend fundamental M&E concepts, processes, and practices
    • Understand a results-based management approach
    • Apply problem analysis tools to facilitate M&E processes
    • Develop a results chain, work-breakdown structure, and Gantt chart
    • Understand M&E indicators and their application
    • Collect and analyze data for M&E purposes
    • Set up an M&E framework
    • Explore different evaluation types, concepts, and tools

    Course Outline

    • Course introduction and overview
    • Organizational performance management
    • Monitoring and evaluation concepts and context
    • Preparing for M&E in work processes and projects
    • Developing a work-breakdown structure
    • Selecting appropriate indicators for project outputs and outcomes
    • Linking indicators to baselines, milestones, and targets
    • Setting up a monitoring and evaluation framework
    • Building M&E capacity in teams: responsibilities, delegations, and quality
    • Facilitating team performance improvements using assessment findings
    • Establishing performance standards and monitoring systems that link individual and organizational processes
    • Understanding methods and tools for basic data collection
    • Understanding methods and tools for basic data analysis
    • Understanding the key uses of monitoring data: project management, evaluation, and reporting
    • Differentiating between process and outcome evaluation practices
    • Developing project evaluation reports.

    Benefits of attending:  Business Communication Strategies: verbal/non-verbal and written course

    Upon successful completion of this course you will be empowered to:
    • Build employee trust. Providing insight and progress on programs and policies that employees engage with demonstrates transparency and makes efforts more sincere. Employee trust is important for employee engagement and uptake of new mental health programs.
    • Save resources and time. M&E efforts alert program and project managers to what works and what does not. This information helps decision-makers know what programs to invest in and which to discontinue.
    • Provide evidence of effectiveness (or lack thereof) to stakeholders. M&E provides qualitative and quantitative data to leadership and other stakeholders who have an invested interest in program success. M&E often results in hard reports that can be analyzed and results shared.
    • Help companies stay organized. M&E helps with tracking progress of implementation and record keeping.
    Who is this course suitable for? The ideal delegates for a Monitoring and Evaluation Course would be individuals who are involved in the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of projects, policies, or programs in their organizations. This may include:
    1. Project Managers
    2. Programme Managers
    3. Policy Analysts
    4. Government Officials
    5. NGO Staff
    6. Development Practitioners
    7. Research and Evaluation Specialists
    8. Performance Management Professionals
    9. Quality Assurance Managers
    10. Data Analysts
    In summary, anyone who is involved in performance management, strategic management, and policy implementation would benefit from a Monitoring and Evaluation Course.   This Unit Standard course is aligned to Unit Standard 252034 and 252032. This course is at NQF level 5 and is worth 16 credits.  

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