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Quick Look Course Summary:Emotional Intelligence Training Course Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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Emotional Intelligence Training Course Course: Introduction

Emotional Intelligence is all about people. And since we deal with people, not robots all day, having good interpersonal skills and self-awareness is an essential need. Good emotional intelligence means you can relate and react appropriately in any given situation.

Emotional Intelligence Training Course Course. Intelligence Training, Emotional Intelligence Business, Intelligence Companies

Emotional Intelligence Training Course Course :Course Outline

How in touch are you with your feelings? In this workshop we teach participants how to use their emotional intelligence in business, although this is not just for business. Any person who is self-aware or wants to become more self-aware can apply the principles of emotional intelligence in any aspect of their lives. Before the workshop starts we ask participants to fill in an emotional intelligence review form. This will help the student understand which aspects of emotional intelligence they are already aware of and which aspects they could learn more about. The workshop is comprehensive and covers all aspects which are necessary in a business capacity. The cornerstones of emotional intelligence are self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation and empathy. The skills participants will learn are how to accurately perceive emotions, how to use emotions to think and how to manage emotions. We go back to a subject we have covered before – communication skills; and we look at verbal skills and non-verbal skills from an emotional intelligence point of view, including focused listening and body language. The benefits of emotional intelligence are obvious when it comes to social management and responsibility because having the knowledge makes us better at making decisions, having positive relationships and is healthy. We are better able to support social causes because we experience emotions for the cause or organisation and can correctly identify the same emotions in our social networks.TIP: Having a high level of emotional intelligence allows us to better articulate our thoughts and emotions using language. We teach participants the tools of emotional intelligence such as putting yourself in someone else’s shoes which is basically empathy, and strengthening self-management and self awareness. Another important tool is recognising the value of comprise and creating win-win solutions. We move on to controlling emotions, and we share various techniques with participants on how to do this such as ‘coping thoughts’ and relaxation techniques. In business we teach our students how to recognise emotions in the work place and how to manage them, as well as the role of Emotional Intelligence in the work place. We focus on disagreeing constructively and the difference that optimism and pessimism bring to the work place. We round off our workshop on a couple of important aspects, such as making an impact, and creating a powerful first impression using the emotional intelligence students have been taught. How to assess a situation using emotional intelligence and we end on the balance between self-awareness and self-management by showing students how to be eager without being offensive.

Key outcomes of the course include:
BOTI’s Program Outline

Component 1: Starting Out
• Activities to break the ice
• Housekeeping matters and administration
• The Parking Area
• program Objectives

Component 2:Exactly What is Emotional Intelligence
• Self Management
• Self Regulation
• Empathy
• Self Awareness
• Self Motivation

Component 3:4 abilities in Emotional Intelligence
• Understand Emotional Meanings
• utilize Emotions to Facilitate Thinking
• How to Accurately Perceive Emotions
• Manage Emotions

Component 4:Verbal Communication abilities
• Focused Listening
• Asking Queries
• Communicating with Flexibility and as well as Authenticity

Component 5:Non-Verbal Communication abilities
• The Signals You Send to Others
• Body Language
• It Is Not Exactly What You Say, It Is The Manner In Which You Say It

Component 6:Social Management as well as Responsibility
• Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
• Articulate your Emotions Utilizing Language.

Component 7:Tools to Regulate Your Emotions
• observing the Other Side
• Self Management as well as Self Awareness
• Giving in Without Giving Up

Component 8:Gaining Control
• Utilizing Coping Thoughts
• Utilizing Relaxation Techniques
• Bringing it All Together

Component 9:Business methods (I)
• Understand Emotions as well as How to Manage Them in the Workplace
• Role of Emotional Intelligence at Work
• Disagreeing Constructively

Component 10:Business methods (II)
• Optimism
• Pessimism
• The Balance Between Optimism & Pessimism

Component 11:Making an influence
• Making A Powerful First Impression
• Assessing a scenario
• Being Zealous without Being Offensive

Component 12:Concluding
• Wise Men’s words
• Assessment of Parking Area
• Key Learnings
• Evaluations as well as Completion Of activity Plans

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Emotional Intelligence Training Course Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Emotional Intelligence Training Course Course

This course is a self-enrichment course for anyone interested in emotional intelligence.

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For your Emotional Intelligence Training (Emotional Intelligence Business, Intelligence Companies) contact BOTI today!

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