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Corporate governance course

Course introduction

The aim of this course is to teach participants the skills  and competencies required to support and embed Corporate Governance.   A good working knowledge of  the principles of corporate governance in terms of values, ethics and organizational culture is an  imperative  in terms of maintaining good corporate governance.

The Challenge

Corporate governance is critical for the effective functioning of any organisation. This course is intended for those individuals who need to apply the principles of ethics and effective corporate governance to organizational culture.   Watch  the video to  find out  more.

The Solution 

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between values, ethics and organisational culture and its impact on achieving goals and objectives.  The complexity of the conflicts between personal values and organizational values and ethical codes is illustrated with examples from the South African workplace. The relationship between personal values, organizational ethics, and  organizational culture is demonstrated through examples from the South African workplace.

We cover the following aspects of corporate governance in broader detail:

  • The imperatives for ethical conduct in South African organisations are explained with reference to acts, regulations, codes and other documents relevant to the entity.
  • The role of corporate governance within an entity is analysed to determine the contribution of a unit in promoting internal organisational codes and ethical practices.  The specific ethical practices of a unit in different areas are analysed with examples.
  • Relevant documents include the South Africa’s Constitution, the King Report, PFMA, the principles of Batho Pele, as well as acts, regulations and codes governing the sector or specific industry.

A key outcome of the Corporate Governance Course is to allow one to begin to analyse the business in relation to the principles of corporate ethics.

The Corporate governance course will teach you how to formulate recommendations for promoting organisational values, the code of conduct and ethical practices within a unit and entity including:

  • An implementation plan
  • The role and responsibilities of the manager
  • The communication activities
  • monitoring and evaluating improvements
  • Work effectively with others as a member of a team, group, organisation or community to improve the culture of the unit.
  • Collect, analyse, organise and critically evaluate information in order to identify areas of unethical conduct in the unit.

Our Corporate Governance Training Course teaches delegates to organise and manage themselves and their activities responsibly and effectively in order to demonstrate ethical conduct.

Understand King IV. If one was asked to sum up King IV  in one word, ‘openness’ would enter your mind. King IV constructs on its predecessors’ positioning of sound business governance as a vital aspect of excellent business citizenship. Excellent business governance needs recognition that an organisation does not run in a vacuum, however is an important part of society and for that reason has responsibility to existing and future stakeholders. With the intro of an use and describe program, King IV asks organisations to be transparent in the application of their business governance practices. King IV  strengthens the concept that excellent business governance is a holistic and interrelated set of plans to be comprehended and executed in an integrated way– great governance is not a tick-box or compliance workout. King IV  requests for conscious application of the King IV Code  and for its suggested practices to be analyzed and used in a manner that is suitable for the organisation and the sector where it runs. Conscious application utilizes the advantages of business governance in the interests of the organisation.

Delivery Method

  • Two-day Instructor Led classroom based training
  • Strong delegate participation and practical application of theory

Our objective is to ensure that the acquired tools and knowledge are user friendly and easily applied in the workplace.

All delegates will receive

  • Material
  • Refreshments (lunch, tea)
  • Memory stick (with relevant tools and models that can be easily accessed when applied back at work)
  • Attendance Certificate
  • After training assistance for 3 months

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