Assertiveness And Self-Confidence Training

Develop the confidence to stand up for yourself

Self-confidence and assertiveness  are essential to achieving one’s goals.  If you do not feel worthy and you not understand how to express your self-worth when communicating with other people, life can be extremely painful. Overcoming this problem will benefit you both personally and professionally. This course will help you develop an  awareness of exactly what assertiveness and self confidence mean and how to work with these qualities.

Course Outline

Key outcomes of this course include:

Component 1: Starting Out
• Housekeeping matters and administration
• Activities to break the ice
• The Parking Area
• Program Objectives

Component 2: Exactly What Does Self-Confidence Mean To You?
• Exactly what is Assertiveness?
• The 4 Styles
• Exactly what is Self-Confidence?

Component 3: Hurdles to Our Objectives
• Kinds of Negative Thinking
• Personal Application
• Training Example

Component 4: Communication abilities
• Listening as well as Hearing: they are not the exact same thing
• Body Language
• Asking Queries

Component 5: The Significance of Setting Objectives
• Why Setting Objectives is essential
• Our Challenge to You
• Setting SMART Objectives

Component 6: Feeling the Part
• Creating Positive Self-Talk
• Identifying as well as Addressing Strengths as well as Weaknesses
• Identifying Your Worth

Component 7: Looking the Part
• The Significance of Appearance
• First Impressions Count!
• The Role of Body Language

Component 8: Sounding the Part
• Sounding Confident
• It Is the Manner in Which You Say It
• Utilizing ‘I’ Messages

Component 9: Powerful Presentations
• Utilizing STAR to Make Your Case
• Exactly What to-do When You’re on the Spot

Component 10: Coping Techniques
• Articulating Disagreement
• Generating Rapport
• Coming to Consensus

Component 11: Working with Challenging Behavior
• Essential Techniques
• Working with Challenging Circumstances

Component 12: Concluding
• Assessment of Parking Area
• Key Learnings
• Conclusion of activity Plans as well as assessments
• Wise Men’s words

Course duration

1 day

Who should attend

This course is suitable for those who wish to develop the qualities of assertiveness and self confidence to aid performance both personally and professionally.

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