Sierra Leone Course / Education

Sierra Leone Course / Education

Sierra Leone Course: BOTI can offer its courses (education) throughout Africa including Angola. Potential areas  (subject to availability) where course or courses / education can be offered include: Bo, BontheDaru,  etc

Sierra Leone course: Affordable –  Training Course / courses that are being offered in Africa  – Project Management, Soft skills, Computer training, excel training, PC training!                                    TABLE BELOW REPRESENTS HYPOTHETICAL (NOT HISTORICAL) COURSE COMBINATIONS IN NEWLY OFFERED AFRICAN MARKET
Town/ City Soft Skills Example 1 Soft Skills Example 2 IT Skills 1
.SIERRA LEONE Overcoming Sales Objections Sales Fundamentals Web Design: HTML & CSS Beginners Training Course
Bo Performance Management Setting and Getting Things Done Web Design: HTML & CSS Bundle Training Course
Bonthe Performance Management Skills and Etiquette Windows Server Admin Fundamentals: Training for MTA Exam 98-365 
Daru Personal Branding Social Intelligence Social Intelligence Administer Windows Server 2012
Freetown Personal Productivity Social Learning Adobe Acrobat Advanced
Gbangbatok PME for New Managers Social Media In The Workplace Adobe Acrobat Beginners Training Course
Hastings Apt/Freetown Practical Leadership PC training Adobe Dreamweaver
Kabala Presentation Mastery for Managers PC training Adobe Dreamweaver Advanced  Training Course
Kenema Presentation Skills PC training Adobe Flash Advanced course  Training Course
Muta Presentation Skills Supervising Others Adobe Flash Beginners
Nitti Problem Solving and Decision Making Supervising Others Adobe Illustrator Advanced Training Course
Pepel Procurement Supply Chain Management Supervisory Skills for Team Leaders   Adobe Illustrator Beginners  Training Course
Sherbro Professional Report Writing Skills Supply Chain Management Adobe In Design Advanced  Training Course
Sierra Leone Apt Professional Business Writing Talent Management Adobe In Design Beginners  Training Course
Yengema Apt Project Management Team Building For Managers Adobe Photoshop Training  Course





Course Education duration and fees

The training course are designed so that the knowledge acquired is applied practically, so that the business environment can be enhanced.

Please consult schedule

for course costs or contact BOTI for a quote.

BOTI can send trainers into your specific territory and customize training according to your individual company requirements. 

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