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Become the best Receptionist in town and receive customers with great aplomb! : This course involves:

  • Monitoring the tidiness and overall presentation of the reception area
  • Controlling, monitoring and maintenance of stationery levels
  • Ensuring callers and visitors are received  in such a way that they relish the idea of doing  business with your company

The Challenge

Reception and Telephone Etiquette Training is key to ensuring that on the ground level the office is run correctly. Some of the qualities of a great receptionist include:

1. Reliable interaction. Naturally, a receptionist needs to have outstanding spoken interaction abilities. Active listening and excellent customer care abilities likewise are a must. A skilled receptionist can link callers and visitors with the ideal staff members, in addition to dealing with fundamental client service issues and demands.

2. Professionalism. As the very first individual your clients, visitors and future workers see, the receptionist has to make a great impression. You neeed somebody on the cutting edge of the coalface who has an expert look and mindset.

3. Multitasking abilities. Receptionists have several obligations, which they need to frequently handle all at once. These might consist of managing inbound calls, evaluating callers and handling call traffic while running a hectic reception location. Receptionists may likewise help other administrative personnel with basic work overflow– or assist with unique tasks that need data processing, information entry and online research study. So your receptionist has to be skilled at handling numerous jobs without getting flustered.

4. Organizational capabilities. Organized individuals establish procedures to keep them on track, even when they encounter the unforeseen. Excellent receptionists reveal a flair and interest in the company. They can access files and telephone number at a moment’s notice and keep a neat workspace.

5. Technical expertise. Any receptionist needs to be comfortable handling phone systems, photo copiers and printers. And the more experience they have,  better. Data processing abilities are a must, while familiarity with Excel, desktop publishing, social networks or industry-specific software applications can be essential.

The Solution

Key outcomes of this course  include:

  • Monitor the maintenance of a clean and safe reception area as per organisational requirements. Implementation of the housekeeping standards are maintained according to workplace policy. Housekeeping operations are maintained to ensure no disruption to operational services. Areas not meeting the required standards are identified and recorded for possible remedial action. Actions and procedures required to rectify sub-standard areas are instituted and monitored to ensure minimum standards are met.
  • Monitor presentation of reception area:  Presentation of reception area is maintained according to organisational standards. Areas of non-conformance are identified, noted and recorded for possible remedial action. Remedial actions are identified and presented for implementation. Areas of improvement are communicated to incumbents.
  • Monitor the implementation of security procedures in reception area. Security procedures are outlined and all reception personnel are briefed verbally and a written summary provided to them. Visitors cards and permits are obtained from security personnel. Firearm procedures are monitored and maintained as per workplace policy. Discrepancies and problems are reported and rectified to ensure safety of workplace.

Course Duration

2 days

Delivery Method

All delegates will receive:

  • Material, refreshments (lunch, tea) (Reception and telephone etiquette Training Course)
  • Memory stick (with relevant tools and models that can be easily accessed when applied in the workplace

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Angeline Shongwe – Point 3 Financial Solutions

‘I have benefited by knowing things I didn’t know before.  I’ve gained more experience on how to be a receptionist and how to answer the phone in the right way.’

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