Online short courses in South Africa

In South Africa, short courses are becoming increasingly popular. Such courses usually run from a few weeks to several months. They are either part-time or postgraduate programs delivered on online sites that an institution or company could own. In some significant sectors of the South African economy, several short courses provide skills. In some fields, they provide experience, which is a plus for any individual who wishes to progress their careers. The experience, versatility, and affordability provided by these courses make them a hot cake.

You could apply for a short course in digital marketing at any academic institution in South Africa that offers the course. Such courses are important for any online business owner who wants to make more profits or become a seasoned marketer. In the way that programmers make use of codes to build applications, programming is close to software creation. A more common concept, though, is programming. Programming covers both aspects of a smartphone and online app creation. It also includes web design, management, and development. As programmers can work from anywhere and at any moment, programming provides some of the most versatile career prospects in the world today. Short programming classes typically take you through the programming fundamentals and educate you about programming languages.

One of the most common courses related to data science is software development. Software developers do all sorts of tasks, such as planning, developing, testing, and managing computer systems. They are needed for operations in almost every institution in South Africa that makes use of computer systems. Short software development courses seek to learn how to create software and ensure that the participant perfects the art before the certificate is awarded. In certain institutions that deliver world-class training activities, the qualification is fairly pricey to obtain. Short courses incorporate accounting to concentrate on boosting an individual’s money management skills. People in corporations or those who want to learn how to handle how they invest cash for personal benefits will benefit from this course.

Accredited online courses in South Africa

Most universities in South Africa are accredited and, therefore, globally recognized. All South African students need to enroll in approved higher education programs registered with the NQF. That way, your hard-earned degree will be recognized and eligible in another nation whether you travel abroad or migrate for jobs. South Africans can take online courses through MOOC, apart from going the conventional route through universities and colleges. MOOC is an online education site providing courses across various subjects through providers like Coursera, FutureLearn, and edX. Some South Africans that offer accredited online courses are listed below.

University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town is South Africa’s oldest university and is one of the continent’s leading research universities. It has over 25,000 students, and postgraduate students make up 30 percent of them. Although the university is a conventional institution and primarily on-campus, it does deliver free online services via Coursera. Trade, architecture & the built environment, health sciences, humanities, law, and technology are offered in the institution. Tuition is free, and it ranks 114th among the Top Global Universities and 1st in Africa’s Best Universities.

University of Witwatersrand

The University of Witwatersrand, also known as the WITS Language School, acknowledges the need to learn online and has begun offering short courses that are entirely online and accredited. The school prides itself on the fact that it is globally known for exemplary research and excellent academic performance. Management and leadership, marketing and sales, finance, IT and digital, and study management are among the university’s subjects.

University of Johannesburg 

The University of Johannesburg is proud of its excellence, despite being a very young university. It established itself as an institution of worldwide distinction after just eleven years, delivering globally recognized academic programs. Education, public health, public administration, accounting, human resources, economics, and logistics are some of the courses offered. Per course credit, tuition costs vary from R180 to R374. It ranks 397th in the Best Global Universities and 5th in Africa’s Best Global Universities.

Accredited training providers in South Africa

Training providers are expected to be registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training. They must now be approved by the appropriate Quality Councils and deliver registered certificates and skills programs. Education and training providers must apply for accreditation under the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and the Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA). The Education Department must approve both education and training companies providing complete credentials. Unit standards and skills falling under the primary target field of the ETQA body of the relevant Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) or professional body must be provided by the education and training provider.

When applying for any certificate or program, make sure that you thoroughly recognize the accreditation status of the certification delivering organization and that you recognize the certification or program status. Accredited organizations are registered with the relevant Ministry of Education and accredited by Umalusi or another Quality Council or entity, such as the Education and Training Sector Authority (SETA). All private education and training providers providing qualifications accredited by Umalusi (above) must be licensed with the department. It suggests that independent schools are required to register with the relevant regional Department of Education and that private FET colleges must register with the Pretorian Department of Higher Education and Training.

Private providers offering short courses and skills packages specifically approved by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) have been exempted and do not need to register. Private providers are expected to show their registration certificates publicly, and potential clients must ask to see the registration certificate. The national qualifications which the provider is registered to provide will be included in the certificate of registration. Private providers must be certified by either Umalusi or another quality assurance agency to provide a particular certification.

Boot camp Johannesburg 

Coding boot camps aim to draw young people from underserved areas in South Africa. Attending coding boot camps is free in most cases. It tackles the problem of offering access to those who cannot afford education even at a lower price point than a traditional university degree. In situations where the Bootcamp course is free for beginners, employers often pay for the expense of running it. These firms will also either support them by paying tuition and living costs or host them as interns. After the program, several businesses often commit to recruit a variety of trainees.

Bootcamps that charge their students tuition are also available. However, in most cases, payment arrangements have been carried out to make these boot camps as inclusive as possible. HyperionDev, for example, accepts all monthly and upfront fees, and they also attempt where possible to offer discounts. Although the Bootcamp curriculum itself is free while you learn, “pay-it-forward” is their model. It suggests that after they have found jobs, students are expected to pay back their tuition. Bootcamp schemes also receive sponsorship from corporations. It can come in the form of donations, or organizations in the program may choose to fund students. Alternatively, scholarship funding is often earned by several boot camps.

Most local boot camps are grouped as learnerships. Learnerships are part of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) system, meaning that they consist of theoretical and practical training. It could mean being taught a Javascript system in a software Bootcamp and working on a project where you practically use the framework. Usually, Bootcamp programs begin with an online test, which looks at mathematics and reasoning abilities. Before the final student group is selected to commence the structured curriculum, there is usually an in-person, rigorous pre-Bootcamp that assesses skills. Some programs, like HyperionDev, Quirky30, and CapaCiTi, do not involve a pre-Boot Camp intensive range until their final cohort is chosen. CapaCiTi and Quirky30 do not have this session to eliminate barriers to entry. HyperionDev is a for-profit corporation and has more of a financial motive to allow as many students to enroll.

Short courses in Cape Town

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is an inclusive, research-intensive top-tier institution and is world-renowned for its academic excellence and contribution to social change and growth. Since 2007, UCT has collaborated with digital education specialist GetSmarter to put the university’s esteemed education online. Via the online paradigm, there is increased access to education, and people who could have been denied the opportunity due to geographical constraints can now enroll. Students undergo versatile, assisted, and immersive learning and finish with a certificate that validates their new skills upon completion. Many short courses are available in UCT, but graphic design and data science courses are in very high demand.

Graphic Design course

This ten-week course is designed for those contemplating graphic design as a new option for a career. The material includes introducing the subject matter and equipping students with a solid visual communication base. This course can also be useful for those looking to update their current graphic design skills. No formal prerequisites are required for registration. You will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to work with digital images and to create persuasive content for both print and online formats by choosing powerful typefaces. In addition to acquiring knowledge of design and expertise in the related applications, you can also learn more about the graphic design industry and develop a portfolio.

Data Science with Python

You will have the ability to develop real data science and research skills for use in daily business situations with the Data Science with Python online short course from the University of Cape Town (UCT). This eight-week course targets data scientists who want to close any holes in their data science expertise and skills. The content design will help IT practitioners who need to improve their data science toolkit easily with demonstrable and realistic skills. If you want to enjoy the course’s full benefits, it is highly recommended that you have a clear knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and at least one programming language.

Short courses in Port Elizabeth

The Nelson Mandela University Business School in Port Elizabeth is ranked among the best business schools worldwide and on the African continent. Programs concentrate on creating holistic, creative, and socially conscious business leaders and are open to individuals. They empower staff, human capital, and leaders to be high-performing assets for stakeholders in HR, training, and skills creation, empowering stakeholders and business to strengthen their most important asset for future and sustainable growth, competitiveness, and progress. They have a forward-thinking outlook and strategy as a new-breed business school, even the youngest in Southern Africa. Some of the short courses offered by the institution are listed below.


Effective Office Administration (2 Days)

Professional Personal Assistant (2 Days)

Business development

Business Plan Development (3 Days)

Personal Effectiveness in a Business Environment (2 Days)

Tender to Secure Business (2 Days)

The Importance of Innovation in Business (2 Days)


Business Writing Skills (1 Day)

Conflict Resolution Skills and Strategies (2 Days)

Effective Writing Skills (2 Days)

Frontline Communication (1 Day)

Professional Presentation Skills (2 Days)

Report Writing Skills (1 Day)

Customer service

Excellence in Service (1 Day)

Marketing Principles and Customer (2 Days)


Basic Financial Principles (1 Day)

Financial Management for a New Venture (2 Days)

Human resources

Employment Equity (1 Day)

Human Resource Management for Labour Relations (3 Days)

Workplace Discipline (2 Days)

Leadership and management

Contemporary Management (5 Days)

Ethics in Moral Leadership (2 Days)

Leadership Skills for the 21st Century (5 Days)

Management Skills for 21st Century Leaders (3 Days)

Project management

Basic Project Management Tools and Techniques (1 Day)

Monitoring and Evaluation for Project Managers (3 Days)

Project Management (5 Days)

Project Finance (3 Days)


Basic Research Methodology (2 Days)

Research for Senior Managers (6 Days)


Analytical Thinking (2 Days)

Organisational Development (5 Days)

Python course

Many young people are already opting for free Python courses in computer science and machine learning. Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language mainly for web and software creation with incorporated dynamic semantics. Python has a basic syntax that is easy to understand and equivalent to the English language. If you are looking to launch your Python career and want to learn the skills associated with it, now is the best time to dive in. Some famous platforms offering the best web-based python courses are described below:

Python Programming Masterclass (Udemy)

This course will help you understand both Python 2 and Python 3. You will get the basic knowledge of the Python programming language & comprehension of Python after completing this course and you will be able to obtain the prerequisite Python skills: computer intelligence, data science, etc.

Professional Certificate in Python Data Science (EdX)

This course will help you understand the fundamentals of the vocabulary of Python and data science applications. By using Jupyter notebooks on IBM Cloud and testing data using Python libraries such as pandas and NumPy, you can learn iterative data science. After completing this course, with matplotlib, folium, and seaborn, you can create beautiful data visualizations, develop machine learning models using scipy and sci-kit learn.

30 Days of Python (Udemy)

First, you will be able to create applications with Python, send emails with Python, scrape websites with Python to pull info, scrape dynamic loaded (javascript-loaded) websites with Python and read and parse emails with Python. First, you will learn the fundamentals of Python. You can also learn how to use the Twitter API to quickly send tweets with a few code lines and the Yelp API to gather information on all the companies they have on their platform.

C# programming

After Java, SQL, and JavaScript, SQL, C# is the next popular programming language. It opens up endless job and career-enhancing possibilities for developers, including those working with Microsoft technology, including SQL Server and Windows. Java Swing has been overshadowed by this programming language, which is important for developing the Graphical User Interface desktop. If you are looking forward to developing a career in either of these fields, then C# learning is important. Begin by taking a look at the top C# courses listed below.

C# Programming for Unity Game Development Specialization

Coursera has come up with a special C# course that encourages students to use this programming language to learn about C# and build Unity Games. This course is primarily tailored for novice programmers, so you do not need any previous programming background to sign up for it. The material for the course is broken into five specializations. The course involves the prospect of self-paced instruction, quizzes, video tutorials, and activities. There are over 15 exercises in Unity Games and C# that allow learners to test their abilities and knowledge. Moreover, students get the chance to put their game theories to life using C# and Unity in the capstone course.

C # Training: Learning Path on Pluralsight

This Pluralsight course is divided into more than 16 parts that are easy to read. Three different levels are included in the course, making it an excellent alternative for the novice and intermediate C# learners. With this course, you will get to try actual assignments/projects. Plus, it provides the ability to work with diverse problems, which also helps develop coding skills. This C# course provides professional advice and tips in this programming language related to coding experience. Even if you don’t know about simple programming principles, this course from Pluralsight will prove to be a great benefit. 

Graphic design course in South Africa

Studying a course in design gives you the ability to show imagination in your work and encourage you to share your talent with the world. Another plus is that the design industry is quickly evolving, and the software is continually improving, allowing you the chance to learn new ideas continually and improve your skillset. Graphic artists generally work on several projects, such as blogs, ads, layouts of magazines, flyers, video games, advertising of products, exhibits and shows, business communications, and many more. Usually, a graphic designer gets briefed on a project and then begins to create new designs and prototypes to achieve the goals defined. The graphic designer must listen attentively and consider just what the consumer desires and needs. 

It would help if you had an artistic flair, solid business software experience, and expertise, and a competent commitment to time, costs, and deadlines to become a graphic designer. Graphic designers use their imagination and design skills in producing pictures and graphics that inspire, educate, and captivate customers. Through technical modeling tools, they design these visual principles. Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash Professional, Dreamweaver, Acrobat DC, and InDesign can all be learned. You can take a short course diploma for graphic design that can be completed in eight months. Typically, these diplomas and degrees last approximately three years.

Here is a list of design schools in Cape Town with their qualifications:

  • AAA Advertising School (Bachelor of Arts in Creative Brand Communication)
  • Cape Town Creative Academy (BA Communication Design)
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology ( Degree in informatics & Design)
  • Cityvarsity (Diploma in Multimedia Design and Production)
  • DADA (Art Direction and Graphic Design)
  • Friends of Design (Higher Certificate Graphic Design & Visual Communication)  
  • Inscape Design College (Graphic design diploma or degree) 
  • Prestige Academy (BA Visual Communication Design)
  • Red and Yellow Graphic Design (BA visual communication) 
  • Ruth Prowse Art School (Graphic Design Diploma)
  • Vega School of Brand Leadership (BA Graphic Design)

Cybersecurity courses

Upskilling has never been more important in a fast-moving cybersecurity setting. Cyber threats are becoming more common as more personal information becomes accessible online and hackers become more sophisticated. Such attacks occur as cyber attackers with sinister motives uncover website security vulnerabilities and gather the information they do not otherwise have access to. Cybersecurity workers are in high demand, which will not change any time soon with the evolution of technology. 

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

You will learn to think exactly like a cybercriminal, as a Professional Ethical Hacker (CEH), which is necessary for avoiding cyber attacks. You will also be one step closer to becoming a Professional Ethical Hacker by enrolling in a cybersecurity course that teaches the same tactics that cybercriminal masterminds have used. Prospective learners should participate in the CEH v10 Credential Course of Simplilearn, where they can learn the skills needed to become qualified, such as reverse engineering and writing virus code. There are no special qualifying requirements for CEH training and qualification, but it is recommended that one should have basic knowledge of TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)

Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP).

Many IT agencies currently classify this form of qualification as a simple prerequisite. The cyber safety course teaches you the industry’s best practices, which will improve your chances of completing the test on the first attempt. The course allows you to gain skills in identifying the design, installation, and management of your organization’s safety by using information security principles that are internationally accepted. This qualification will help give you a competitive advantage whether you are looking to work as a system engineer, IT security manager, or analyst. 

CompTIA Security+

Usually, a CompTIA Security+ course will give learners the skills they need to customize applications to protect networks, software, and computers. Students also learn to carry out hazard analysis and respond with effective reduction strategies. They may also engage in risk prevention exercises while practicing with knowledge of specific legislation, rules, and regulations. This cybersecurity course could be an excellent choice if you want to create a strong IT base and learn the basics from the ground up. 

Web design courses

From designing the graphics to building the user interface and writing the code required for the web site’s functionality, the area of web design is very broad, and several things can be described as web design. There is a strong demand for web designers who can do innovative design and write code, and the market is expected to continue to expand exponentially.


Treehouse Courses

Treehouse is famous for upgrading its video-based tutorials regularly, so you are never left behind. Training and sole emphasis on web design and development are up-to-the-minute. Treehouse features more than 300 video-based training courses from novice to advanced web design, web development, mobile development, and game production. 

Udemy Courses

A wide variety of courses are offered by Udemy, although the content can vary. Udemy could be a great choice for your online web design training if you are not keen on taking out a membership since you pay per lesson. The website conveniently contains customer feedback so that you can see which students are hitting the right notes. You can download Udemy’s videos for offline streaming. A wide variety of web design topics are covered, with a special focus on WordPress, Javascript, CSS, and Photoshop. However, most of these courses are beginner-level courses.

Udacity Courses

Originally founded in 2011, Udacity focused on offering university-style courses, but now focuses mainly on technical-vocational courses, which it terms ‘Nano Degrees.’ Usually, these courses walk you through creating a project, and then you adapt what you have learned on your project. There are long-term courses and classes have fixed hours. Udacity focuses firmly on teaching advanced skills to help individuals in the tech industry get to the next stage of their careers. In collaboration with Google, AT&T, and Facebook, courses are focused on high-end topics such as AI and full-stack web creation. 

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