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South Africa is a country on the southernmost edge of Africa, characterized by various distinct habitats. Away from the coast safari destination Kruger National Park is host to various big games. The Western Cape provides beaches, ancient Winelands around Stellenbosch to Paarl, sharp rocks at the Cape of Good Hope, green forests and lakes along the Garden Road, and under the flat-top Table Mountain is Cape Town.

The variety of programming courses offered in South Africa stimulate coders to learn conventional programming languages such as R, Python, JavaScript, C#, Visual Basic, Ruby, Java, and libraries and frameworks, such as ReactJS, Spring, Django, and VueJS.

Computer Programming trains programmers on how computers analyze, act, and work. Not to mention, without the role of programmers, computers would not know what to process. Computer programming illustrates the process of writing, testing, and debugging. Not to take into account troubleshooting and maintaining the computer program’s source code. Overall, programming or coding is a highly valued skill in Southern Africa and around the world.

The coding curriculum at the IT School consists of a variety of useful information sets and skills. This, in part, is because the task of writing code (source code) involves experience in many different skills, including conversance with the application used. Not to consider the application domain and the fact that you can study mathematical logic (algorithms). The computer programming programs at the IT School vary from introductory lessons to programming (Java, c#, python, c++, vb) to more technical short courses.

If you’re new to computer programming or need more specialized computer programming experience, introducing programming courses would provide you with the best beginner skills. Besides, it will provide you with reasoning and information to get started.

The job opportunities of programmers are outstanding and high in demand. Coding seems to be everywhere: on all networks and platforms and in all countries on the planet!

  • Data Scientist
  • Developer
  • Software Tester
  • App Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Junior Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Architect

According to the Salary Survey, South African coders’ average income has risen from 2017 to 2018, climbing from R42,000 a month to R43,000 a month.

In contrast, the total average monthly wage for South Africans has declined. BusinessTech announced a decline from R20,020 in November 2017 to R20,758 in February 2018.

Coding companies in South Africa

Are you searching for the leading software development companies in South Africa? Are you looking for coding and tech firms to help you stay ahead of your rivals in today’s competitive world? Personalized software development companies work diligently to help you authenticate the idea, set specific goals, and find any possible blockages and overcome them to achieve the best outcomes. With the list of the best app developers in South Africa, you can choose your business’s most appropriate company without any issues.

1. MobiDev

The age of classical apps is over. The world is complex, but those who apply technology to their industry will benefit. That is why TOP businesses are integrating AI into their new and current products. MobiDev blends what mobile and PC applications have to deliver with new AI technologies to accomplish your market objectives.

2. Unicsoft

Unicsoft is a trusted technology advisory firm that provides AI and Blockchain technologies to drive market results for start-ups and companies. The Unicsoft team has vast experience in Blockchain, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Data Analytics. They help entrepreneurs test innovations, create an MVP, iterate to suit the product demand, and grow rapidly. They offer technology consultancy services to companies, including building market-led strategies and energizing legacy structures that drive company success and constrain inefficiencies. Unicsoft addresses outstanding client service as their top priority. They do this by direct and timely coordination, accountability in consumer expectations set, a well-organized production process, and a constructive and consistent staff.

3. SovTech

SovTech is a custom software development firm that offers a full software design and development service. SovTech offers best-in-class tailored software solutions, professional software development teams, and revolutionary cloud software to enterprise businesses across various industries.

They acknowledge that emerging innovations are the lifeline of any enterprise in the digital era and seek to link companies in all industries to revolutionary innovation, technological growth, products, and services in a quicker, simpler, and better way than ever before.

4. Helios Design

They are a committed team of designers, programmers, and visionary thinkers who are excited about bringing their clients’ visions to life. Since their formation in 2005, their mission has been to do outstanding work, create fantastic relationships, partner with great minds, and continue learning.

5. Impulsum

They provide full digital transformation services and develop international software frameworks in diverse industries.

Impulsum, headquartered in Cape Town, is a pioneering South African software development and solutions company. The company was established in 2019. With a clear corporate ideology of “Being Ethical,” combined with proactive management, re-investment, and an unwavering emphasis on generating effects, Impulsum will continue to expand at a fast pace without the need for additional capital injections.

Java Developer Course

The online Java developer course lets participants understand the key principles of Java, Data Structures, Algorithms, Advanced Java Concepts, and Java frameworks that help them succeed as Java software developers. Online JAVA training is carried out by a trained Java specialist with a wide variety of expertise and a subject matter expert.

Upon completing the course, applicants can engage and excel in JAVA interviews and OCJP, OCWD certifications. Both participating students have access during their lifespan to all preparation lessons that come with the course, including research materials.

What would a participant learn at the end of a Java Developer course?

  • Learn to develop several types of software using Java programming language.
  • Create, update, read, and delete records using JDBC.
  • Access Database and manipulate using transactions.
  • Design XML and SOAP-based services.
  • Utilize CDI to implement dependency injection.
  • Develop enterprise software and applications using Java.
  • Participants will have comprehensive knowledge about inner classes, inheritance, exceptional handling, Generics, String Handling, Java I/O, Java Collection framework, Servlet programming, JDBC, JSP, collection mapping, EJB, and web services.
  • Hands-on practice on different concepts of Java, including Hibernate, Spring, and Struts Frameworks
  • Know how various components interact with other systems.
  • Work with Hibernate and Spring frameworks
  • Use JDBC in an enterprise environment.
  • Work with ORM, Spring MVC, and other components
  • Write Java programs with timer services.
  • Apply Web services in Enterprise software and applications.
  • Integrate Spring with hibernate and vice versa.
  • Hands-on practical knowledge with Project work

Who can participate in a Java Developer Course?

  • Fresh graduates who wish to become a software developer or Java lover.
  • Novice programmers who wish to master Java in depth.
  • Experienced programmers searching for a Java application to expand their knowledge in the new Java version.
  • Programmers operating on various frameworks would like to migrate to Java.

Course Features

  • No coding experience is required, as the training is at its heart.
  • The tutor is seasoned and operates in the company of Java Developers. He/she holds classes on a part-time basis.
  • All course content, including – research materials, case studies, projects, etc., can be downloaded for a lifetime.
  • High-quality tasks and project jobs to gain realistic experience on Java/J2EE
  • Module smart evaluations will help you determine your understanding of the module.
  • The online Java training software will be covered within 60 hours. During this training class, the teacher will also offer instruction about making a convincing resume and planning an upcoming interview.

WordPress training

An approximate 38% of internet users would stop and not connect with a website if the text or style is visually unattractive. So, via a Basic WordPress Training Course in South Africa, a participant will be a successful web design conversant.

In turn, participants would be able to build their single-page website, learn how to keep their followers and readers and create the best web design material ever. Overall, they would gain their WordPress course expertise from one of the WordPress experts in a WordPress training center in South Africa. If you’re new to WordPress, then we strongly recommend a WordPress beginner course. This is a perfect start to creating your website or blog. If you already have sufficient WordPress experience, the Advanced WordPress course will cover eCommerce and payment gateways.

Web Development Objectives

Also, after the beginner WordPress course, students would have the following valuable knowledge:

  • Understand navigation and build pages and posts.
  • Overall, gain knowledge about WordPress themes, including child themes.
  • The participant will learn HTML5, the content formatting of a web page, and HTML history.
  • Understand the principles behind interactive web design and mobile WordPress mobile themes.
  • Not to mention CSS3 and the three styles of styling: inline, internal, and external CSS folders.
  • All in all, read about WordPress plugins and how to use them.
  • Understand third parties extensions.
  • Not to mention the developer browsers and tools.
  • Understand maintaining a website and hosting (FTP)
  • Learn expertise in Google Adwords, SEO, and Google Analytics.

Who is this Course for?

  • Students who have already finished the Introduction to Web Design Course or have the same HTML & CSS training level.
  • Web designers who want to learn how to build sophisticated interactive websites with WordPress, HTML, PHP, and CSS.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build and configure interactive WordPress websites.
  • Students who want to learn how to build a website in South Africa.

Assumed Knowledge

For this WordPress training in South Africa, a participant must have full knowledge of HTML and CSS. A participant should have working experience in the use of a Windows or Mac device. The Introduction addresses all to Web Design Course.

Web developer courses

As the interactive face of a business, websites are a central component of many organizations’ marketing and operational strategies. For this cause, companies around sectors appreciate the talents of practitioners who can create attractive web sites that put the company’s name apart from the crowd.

The Web Design Online Short Course in south Africa introduces you to web design building blocks. It aims to empower you with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to create a strong online presence for you or your business. You will gain a simple knowledge of coding languages and figure out how to test and publish web sites that work across different devices.

Throughout the course, you will apply your skills to the development of a four-page website and have the ability to show your work to classmates for input in a series of class “crit” sessions. You’re going to leave with the courage to launch your career in the rising world of web design.

Is this course for you?

This introductory course is intended for working professionals who want to become important in a challenging modern age. It is also tailored to those willing to shift career path or skill in web design, graphic design, art direction, and digital marketing activities. Individuals with existing expertise in web design may verify their skills with a UCT certificate of completion. Please remember, students will be responsible for purchasing their domain names for this course.

Reactive Programming with Angular RxJS

Duration: 14 hours

Reactive programming is an interactive programming framework that emphasizes data streams and data propagation by maintaining a specified dependence between the fundamental execution models and the data streams transmitted from one component to another. Many Angular framework architecture inefficiencies when creating asynchronous UIs can be solved using the RxJS library’s reactive style patterns.

Advanced PHP Programming

Duration: 35 hours

In this instructor-led, online training course in South Africa, students will learn how to incorporate advanced PHP programming software and methods.

React Native for Web

Duration: 21 hours

React Native is an open-source, cross-platform software tool for mobile app creation. Created by Facebook, it helps developers to build a native look-and-feel interface for their Android and IoS applications. React Native for Web provides React Native’s platform-agnostic components and APIs accessible for web app development.

Reactive Programming for iOS with RxSwift

Duration: 7 hours

This live online training in South Africa exposes learners to the reactive strategies provided by RxSwift for controlling and integrating asynchronous data sources, handling basic observable sequences, and the design and implementation of responsive, modular, and industry-wide scalable iOS applications.

Reactive Programing with Rx.NET

Duration: 7 hours

The.NET Reactive Extensions (Rx) is a database for writing asynchronous and event-based programs using measurable arrays and LINQ-style query operators.

In this online instructor-led training, learners can learn how to create an asynchronous program using.NET Reactive Extensions.

R programming language

R is a free programming language and software built by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka in 1993. It has a comprehensive catalog of mathematical and graphical approaches. It also covers statistical inference, time series, machine learning algorithms, to name a few. Most R libraries are written in R, but Fortran, C++, and C codes are recommended for heavy computational activities.

Academics trust r, but several major corporations still use R programming languages, including Google, Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, etc.

Data analysis with R is carried out in various steps; programming, exploration, transformation, modeling, and communication of results.

  • Program: R is a simple, free programming tool.
  • Transform: R consists of a series of libraries built exclusively for data science.
  • Discover: Analyze the data, refine your theory, and evaluate it.
  • Model: R offers a wide variety of tools to capture the best model for your results.
  • Communicate: Integrate passwords, diagrams, and outputs to an R Markdown report or create Shiny applications to distribute with the world.

What is R used for?

  • Machine learning algorithm
  • Data analysis
  • Statistical inference

R by Industry

If we analyze the use of R by industry, we see that it comes first for scholars. R is a mathematical language. R is the first option in the healthcare sector, preceded by government and consultancy.

R package

Visualization, statistics, and machine learning are and will still be the key uses of R.

All R libraries, approximately 12k, are housed in CRAN. CRAN is free of charge and open-source. You can import and use several libraries to perform Time Series Analysis or Machine Learning.

Communicate with R

R has several ways to display and share work through a markdown document or a shiny app. Everything can be hosted on Rpub, GitHub, or the business’s website.

Learn to code Johannesburg

It can be a struggle to try as a non-traditional candidate (no degree relevant to computer science/IT) to get into the software industry in South Africa. Many individuals will not charge Bootcamp fees, so we tried to assemble a list of training programs to eliminate these obstacles.

Know that it can be a long and complicated path to learn how to code. Don’t get disheartened. Many people hold the same feeling, so it is necessary to communicate with others on this trip. We strongly suggest communicating with “Tech Twitter.” Here you will find a list of developers based in South Africa.

Online Resources

Don’t worry, if you’re not in big cities like Johannesburg, there are fantastic free online resources. We would recommend that you pick one of the following resources and don’t slip into the tutorial hell pit by sticking to it.

  • The Odin Project
  • Techtonica
  • FreeCodeCamp
  • Learning Lab
  • Google Africa Blog
  • Coursera
  • Google Africa | Pluralsight Scholarship

If you utilize online resources, “learn in public” will be fantastic, particularly if you do not have a conventional degree. Many South African firms stress degrees. By interacting with others and building a forum, you will get ahead with a firm.


  • Campuses in Cape Town and Johannesburg
  • WeThinkCode is a commercially operating non-profit organization with corporate donors paying the tuition of their students and offering two paid four-month internships in their first and second years.
  • Requirements: someone between the ages of 17 and 35 can train full-time for two years, with no previous coding experience required. You are liable for securing a new work visa / permit valid for two years if you are not South African.
  • They organize regular testing Days at both campuses. If you do not have a computer, [email protected] to schedule a time-slot when the two application tests will be done.


  • Johannesburg based
  • Africa Teen Geeks seeks to remove the challenges encountered by marginalized populations in the pursuit of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
  • Their services include Girl Geek Summit, Saturday coding lessons, and STEM Digital Academy.

Umuzi Academy

  • Campus in Johannesburg
  • Umuzi Academy partners with leading companies to empower promising young people with the limited technical resources they need in the fourth industrial revolution to enter high-value jobs and succeed. Several digital space industries, including web creation, UI/UX architecture, data science, and many others, provide a one-year learning experience.
  • They offer an affordable housing initiative if you are not from Johannesburg.

Coding Courses in Cape Town

If it is job stability and high demand you’re seeking, maybe you’re contemplating a tech career, check out the best IT courses in Cape Town. Let this year be the year you execute your tech job plans.

  1. CodeXTM

This one-year, full-time coding program is located in Cape Town’s East City Precinct on Harrington Street. The class focuses on web creation with Full-Stack. The aim is not to teach particular structures but to introduce students to the programming building blocks to pick up at a later level for whatever structure they need. Students learn to use encryption, authentication, and authorization to create stable web applications and then deploy them to the cloud. The core education system is based on JavaScript, but different programming stacks are used by learners, including Ruby, Python, PHP, .Net, and Java.

R70,000 is the 2018 cost, minus VAT. Qualified coders with proven financial need could apply for a stipend and living costs scholarship as well as a tuition Scholarship covering part or all of the tuition costs. The institution also offers loans on commercial terms.

  1. IT School

In the Western Cape, this school provides both online and one-on-one tuition. They offer different classes, including PC Tech, Web Design, SQL, AutoCAD, Social Media, MS Workplace, and programming courses. C#, Android, Python, Java, and C++ provide programming classes. The functional side of programming and IT is the core focus of the IT school.

  1. CodeSpace

CodeSpace delivers a variety of face-to-face full-time and part-time classes that include days for seminars and projects. Web Development Extended (R37,000, 17 weeks) and Web Development Intensive are full-time classes (R29,000, 15 weeks). The goal is to use CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL to develop usable, interactive web applications.

Numerous part-time coding courses vary from 2-4 weeks in duration, including Intro and Intermediate JavaScript, coding websites (HTML and CSS), Intro to React, Intro to Deployment, and Intro to SQL.

Coding bootcamp Pretoria

Online or onsite, instructor-led live training courses in computer programming show the basics and specialized programming concepts by immersive, hands-on instruction.

Programming instruction is available as “onsite live training” or “live online training.” Online Live Training (aka “remote live training”) is conducted using an interactive, remote screen. Onsite live programming training can be done directly at client premises in Pretoria or corporate training centers in Pretoria at NobleProg.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Business Centre

The Brooklyn Bridge business center inhabits a three-story, futuristic building in the famous Brooklyn Circle office park on Pretoria’s outskirts, South Africa’s administrative capital. The building in the center of Pretoria’s eastern areas boasts state-of-the-art features and is close to many services in this vibrant diplomatic city and industrial center. There are several embassies in the business center area, which is about 20 minutes by road from the central business district and the M7 or M11 and includes adequate basement parking. Parking is also accessible at the adjacent Brooklyn Mall. Some of Africa’s 500 best-managed companies are located in the region., including engineering, health, legal services, and security sector companies.

  1. Hotel Sheraton Pretoria

Located in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria, the Wingate Park Country Club provides a historic facility. The lands are blessed with ancient trees, flowering shrubs, and a wide range of birdlife.

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