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BOTi’s Call Centre and Customer Service training courses (SETA accredited or non-accredited) aim to teach customer facing individuals and staff the knowledge, skills and competencies required to increase customer satisfaction within a call centre.  The aim is to enhance customer service skills and ultimately boost sales.


Call centre training and customer excellence courses are held in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban and arranged anywhere in South Africa upon request.

You will learn the following skills:

  • Mastering voice control including tone, cadence and pitch
  • Skills to enhance speech and communication,
  • Listening skills and the ability to question
  • Negotiation skills
  • The ability to create and deliver meaningful messages
  • The nuances of body language and verbal skills
  • The importance of building personal relationships
  • Personalised techniques for managing stress

The Challenge

Call centres often are a key component of a company’s delivery strategy whether it be to obtain new customers or maintain and enhance customer relations.

The Solution

Our Call Centre Training course will equip you with the necessary skills to manage customer service within a call centre environment and covers the following aspects:

  • Employing effective telephone etiquette
  • Processing and answering incoming calls according to company standards
  • Screening including: ascertaining the reasons for the call, appropriate identification and if a call needs to be redirected
  • Organisational standards will include: Tonality, volume, pronunciation, annunciation, vocabulary, timeous response, choice of greeting and clarity
  • Standard operating procedures will include: Site specific operating instructions, orders, guidelines, policies, procedures and systems
  • Improving Efficiency: promptness, courtesy and effective problem solving
  • Developing daily behaviors to continuously improve
  • Understanding the call agent role
  • Understanding how to operate the telephone and supporting equipment
  • Dealing effectively and politely with incoming calls
  • Acknowledging the callers needs and keeping them informed at all stages
  • Asking key questions to find out the aim of the call and the need if necessary to transfer the client to the correct department or person
  • Computer system capturing and customer query logging
  • Quickly solving customer queries
  • The importance of ATTITUDE – why should I be nice/civil to anybody
  • Preparing all necessary documentation and equipment prior to making an outgoing call
  • Inviting customers into the business with your superior TELEPHONE SKILLS
  • Developing an understanding of customer requirements by LISTENING
  • Taking PRIDE and displaying courtesy and civility to others
  • Using questions to identify specific needs of customers
  • Exploring the attitudes and values necessary for high customer care
  • Understanding how to deal with private information

Some Testimonials

“I have learnt the necessary steps to follow when dealing with customers/clients” Dayanee

“I have learned a lot when it comes to manner of approach when it comes to dealing with customers (members/providers), how my attitude can determine my work. This was a great eye opener as to first listening before responding as I had issues with that.” Poppy

“Improved Understanding of providing service to the clients, improved my communication skills, how to handle different situations and not take things personally. I managed to do a lot of self evaluation. ” Noluthando


Delivery Method

  • One-day to 3 days instructor Led classroom based training
  • Strong delegate participation and practical application of theory
  • Portfolio of Evidence and Proof of Competence (accredited courses)

Our objective of the Call Centre Training is to ensure that the acquired tools and knowledge are user friendly and easily applied in the workplace.

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