5S and Lean Six Sigma Training


5s is a key underlying, programmatic method for enhancing the a number of processes including:

Enhancing production

Improving  quality and

Injury / Incident reduction.


It can be applied to a number of business and industries,

Embedded in the principle of Five S (5S) are continuous improvement, creating a Visual plant. This is linked into Kaizen and is a component of lean manufacturing. Key objectives include improved financial results, productivity , and customer service. This process “cleans up” and arranges the working environment. It is normally the first lean method which organizations put into practice. 5s requires that workers working conditions,  provides the means to reduce waste, stop unnecessary downtime, and stock reduction.



5S was developed in Japan and stands for the Japanese words seiri (tidiness), seiton (orderliness), seiso (cleanliness), seiketsu (standardization), and shitsuke (discipline). These words have been adopted to English to maintain “5S.”


The 5S pillars include:

Seiri (Sort )-  Key here is removing unnecessary items.  “Red tagging” can be used here. Once the red tag items are placed, these items are then relocated to a central holding area for elimination, recycling, or transfer. Benefits include the freeing up floor space.


Seiton (Set in Order ), efficient and effective storage methods to arrange tools so can be easily used identified and placed away. Here marking floors,  placing identifiers and signs to setout  correct storage places  and outlining work areas and locations is required. Storage shelves are often installed.


Seiso (Shine ),  Daily follow-up cleaning is necessary to sustain this improvement

Seiketsu (Standardize) Standardize, the method to maintain the first three pillars, creates a consistent approach with which tasks and procedures are done, and

Shitsuke (Sustain), Sustain. Sustain, making it ones business to properly maintain correct procedures, is onerous. Without the Sustain pillar the achievements will be quickly dissipated.

The principles of Kaizen are linked into the lean six sigma training. Lean six sigma training can be arranged throughout South Africa (Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town etc). In this course key components are discussed including:





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