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Quick Look Course Summary:Motivate and Build a Team Accredited Course
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  • Length: 3 day(s)

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  • Certification Type: Non-Accredited

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    Course Title: Motivate and Build a Team

    Introduction: Welcome to BOTI’s Unit Standard course, “Motivate and Build a Team,” designed to empower junior managers in organizations with essential skills in motivation and team building. This course is aligned with the Further Education and Training Certificate in Generic Management

    SAQA Unit Standard: 242819 – 10 credits.

    Course Overview: This program aims to provide junior managers with a comprehensive understanding of motivation concepts, team dynamics, and effective leadership strategies. Participants will enhance their abilities to assess and strengthen team dynamics, recognize individual and collective achievements, and implement motivational plans to foster a positive and productive work environment.

    Course Outline:

    • Understanding Self and Team Members:
      • Develop insights into personal strengths and weaknesses.
      • Understand the diverse dynamics within a team.
    • Providing Feedback and Recognizing Achievements:
      • Learn effective communication techniques.
      • Recognize and acknowledge individual and team accomplishments.
    • Applying Theories of Motivation and Group Dynamics:
      • Explore motivation theories, including needs, expectancy, and equity.
      • Understand group dynamics and their impact on team performance.
    • Implementing a Plan of Action for Team Strengthening:
      • Develop a strategic plan to enhance team cohesion and performance.
      • Utilize leadership styles, SOPs, and other techniques to drive positive change.
    • Explaining the Importance of Motivating a Team:
      • Articulate the significance of motivation in achieving organizational goals.
      • Understand the impact of motivation on team morale and productivity.

    Prior Learning Requirements: Participants should have competence in Communication and Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3.

    Course Duration: The Motivate and Build a Team course spans 5 days, providing ample time for in-depth exploration and practical application of concepts.


    Course Duration 

    3 Days

    Who Should Attend:

    Motivate and Build a Team Course

    This dynamic course is specifically tailored for individuals aspiring to broaden their understanding of general management principles, particularly those in junior managerial roles. The target audience for the “Motivate and Build a Team” course encompasses a diverse group of professionals, including:

    • Team Leaders:
      • Aspiring or current team leaders who aim to enhance their leadership skills and deepen their understanding of motivation and team dynamics.
      • Individuals responsible for guiding a group toward common goals and fostering a positive team culture.
    • Supervisors:
      • Supervisors seeking to refine their managerial capabilities by gaining insights into effective team motivation, communication, and achievement recognition.
      • Those looking to create a more collaborative and productive work environment within their respective departments.
    • Foremen:
      • Foremen involved in overseeing specific work areas or projects who want to elevate their ability to lead and motivate their teams effectively.
      • Individuals desiring a comprehensive understanding of motivation theories and practical strategies for team enhancement.
    • Section Heads:
      • Section heads responsible for managing specific sections, departments, or units within an organization.
      • Those aiming to implement targeted plans of action to strengthen their teams and contribute to overall organizational success.
    • Junior Managers:
      • Individuals at the early stages of their managerial career, such as junior managers, who are keen on developing a solid foundation in motivational strategies.
      • Those seeking to build their leadership capabilities and contribute positively to the performance of their teams.




    ‘I have learnt more about myself, my skills and how to make some positive changes. I did not expect the course to be so informative and positive and inspiring. I feel like a different person. For me, the course was more than what I expected, so I would not change anything. The facilitator was amazing.’

    SA Big Construction Company Delegate

    ‘The course was not only about work but it was also about personal changes. The content in the presentation was excellent. The best thing about this course was the focus on work and changing individual lives.’

    SA Government Department  Delegate

    ‘This course confirmed my realization for a need to make changes in my life to positively change my future. What went well for me were the presentations and the ability to interact with all the participants. The best thing about this course was the instructor’s drive to go beyond and exceed my expectations.’

    SA Government Department  Delegate

    ‘Through interactions and discussions I learnt the importance of good leadership in taking an organization forward. What went well for me was the fact that the training was very interactive thus allowing every individual to voice their opinions on matters. The best thing about this course was the manner in which it was presented, it was very practical. Thank you very much Jaini for opening my eyes on a lot of issues, this has been very beneficial training.’

    SA Government Department  Delegate

    Conclusion: Enroll now in BOTI’s Motivate and Build a Team course to unlock the keys to effective leadership, team motivation, and enhanced organizational performance. Elevate your management skills and contribute to the success of your team and organization. Book your seat today and embark on a journey towards becoming a more proficient and impactful junior manager.

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