Communication Strategies Training Course

Communication Strategies Training Course

For those who want to enhance their communication skills, Communication Strategies Training Course is an ideal option – from improving presentation and interpersonal skills to perfecting professional writing techniques.


Communication is everything, whether it’s the level of attention you give people when they’re talking to you or the speech you send in the boardroom, it all means something. Our Communication Strategies Training Course will help participants understand the different techniques of communication and how to make use of each of them.


Communication Strategies Training Course is intended for anyone who aims of improving their skills in communication, both in oral and written. You can be a student, professional or even average-homeowner who wants proficiency in communication.


As a 2-day workshop, Communication Strategies training will help participants to:

  • Identify common issues of communication that might be repressing them
  • Identify what their non-verbal messages tell others
  • Develop skills in asking questions; in listening empathetically and actively
  • Improve their ability to deal with difficult situations
  • Handle situations in an assertive way

Course Outline

The first part of the day will be spent by being introduced to participants and discussing things that can be expected throughout the workshop. In addition, students will have a chance to ascertain their personal learning objectives.

The Ten Commandments of Positive Relationship

  • Throughout the session, participants will explore 10 ways to establish positive relationships, which include the utilization of uplifting messages.


  • Knowing what you fear for is a good way to address them. Participants will complete a self-confidence assessment, then the group will discuss fears and solutions.


  • During this session, you will help the participants to recognize their weaknesses and strengths through a role play and a personal exercise.

Communication Barriers

  • After performing a large group case study, participants will now work in small groups to discuss barriers to communication. Participants will complete a short exercise as well, for the purpose of demonstrating how these barriers apply to day-to-day life.

Asking Questions

  • This training course will examine questioning skills (which include closed questions, open questions and probing) through a pair exercise and a lecture.

Listening Skills

  • Participants will work on listening skills they possess by participating in 2 quizzes and a role play. Also, 2 lectures for the trainer are provided.

Remembering Names

  • This is the second day of Communication Strategies Training Course, where participants will complete a list of the names of other participants. Afterward, the trainer can segue into a discussion on tips for remembering names.

Body Language

  • To begin the session, the trainer will talk with regards to the idea of body language in lecture. After that, the participants will complete a small group exercise and a large group of exercise to further explore the concept.

Frame of Reference

  • This training course will explore our personally created frame of reference and assumptions through a group discussion, large group of exercise and a lecture.


  • Through discussion, case study and lecture, this Communication Strategies Training Course will study ways that participants can enhance their self-image, and thus handle difficult situations positively and assertively.

Workshop Wrap-Up

  • At the end of the day, participants will have a chance to ask questions and answer an action plan.


Our Communication Strategies Training Course doesn’t pre-requisite anything.


Communication Strategies Training Course

Communication Strategies Training Course

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