Short Courses

Short Courses

A short course provides on with the opportunity to rapidly learn a specific skill set. While life experience and on the job training may teach you specific skills, a Short Course allows one to rapidly learn a set of skills.

Short Courses

Short Courses

Advantages: Short Courses

The advantage of attending a short course are

  • Kick-start your learning. Often one doesn’t have the time or necessary skills to progress. Short courses are the ideal way to begin one’s learning and obtain knowledge in various subjects before making a choice if it really is the right path for you.
  • Learn in the context of maintaining your job and lifestyle. Short courses are are convenient and practical. They can be finished by distance learning or part-time. Thus one does not need to interfere with your current lifestyle/ job . This is essential for working people.
  • Career boosters. You can fill gaps in your skills and knowledge in order to aim for promotion. It also indicates to your employer that you value skills upliftment. Courses that focus on self-development, leadership, workplace communication and conflict resolution could show your employer that you are ready for a more important role in the workplace.
  • Stay young. Short course allow you to keep your brain stimulated.
  • Networking. Networking within short course classes provides a brilliant platform to acquire new business contacts and friends.
  • Learn and discover. Provides an introduction into various areas to discover what one may like before making a full qualification commitment. It is similar to fitting a  t-shirt before buying it!
  •  Endless Possibilities. Having extra skills will set you apart from your fellow employees. Organisations are increasingly looking for employees who show ambition. You will be able to differentiate yourself in job interviews.

Short courses offered by BOTI 

BOTI Offers a wide range of short courses including:


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