Responsive Web Design Training

Responsive Web Design Training

Create and design responsive design websites for mobile applications and desktop. You can start by planning the design in CSS grid, and then create responsive navigation and responsive media, such as fluid images.

These days, responsive web design continues to creating a big buzz both online and offline to any types of businesses. It gives companies a unique opportunity to boost their sales and reach extensive audience without essential investments. That’s why many people and even professionals choose to be pros when it comes to responsive web design. We have thoroughly organized our Responsive Web Design Course for the convenience of participants.


The best way to manage different types of platforms – computers and mobile phones tablets – is to have a design that can adapt to all screen dimensions responsively.

Our Responsive Wen Design Training will help you learn the essentials of responsive web design. You will have an opportunity to create your own responsive web page that efficiently works on any device such as desktop, tablet and phone.

Participants will start by exploring what makes a website responsive and how some typical responsive design patterns work across many different devices. From there, you will learn ways to build and design your own responsive layout through the CSS media queries and viewport tag. As you go on, you will experiment with both minor and major breakpoints, as well as optimizing text for reading.


Responsive Web Design Training is intended for web developers, web designers and application developers.


This is a 1-day course that allows participants to learn how to design pages that logically resizes.

Course Outline

  • Our Responsive Web
  • The Flexible Grid
  • Flexible Images
  • Media Queries
  • Becoming Responsive

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the key functional features of web pages
  • Develop wireframe mockups of web pages
  • Explain the reason why users should know where they are, what is on a web page and where they can go
  • Use Bootstrap components to realize page designs
  • Use handlebars template library to alter data into HTML
  • Use JavaScript data elements such as objects and arrays to describe the data used in a web page
  • Add interactivity to templates with JavaScript event listeners


You need to be comfortable writing and reading HTML and CSS 5, as well as jQuery. If possible, you also need to have the skill to inspect and change websites with browser developer tools.

Why take the Responsive Web Design Training?

Every year, the method people use to browse the web is quickly changing –smaller number of users access the web at a desk facing a large monitor with a mouse and keyboard. Increasingly, the web is being enjoyed on TVs, wearables, tablets, phones and everything next to. When designing a site to become responsive, it will surely work well and look good regardless of the type of device you have in front of you.

Through this training period, you will work through a project building a home-town website that perfectly works on desktop, tablets and phones displays.

Responsive Web Design Training

Responsive Web Design Training


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