Powerful Project Management Course

Powerful Project Management Course

Stop you project from failing now… Enroll in our project management course!

Projects often fail. In fact many Business and IT executives feel there IT projects, for example are ‘doomed from the start’. Reasons for failure include project scope creep, lack of effective leadership,  unsupported project management culture, ill equipped project managers, poor controls, inadequate risk management and poor stakeholder management and engagement.

The “Powerful Project Management Course” equips learners and leaders in business with the special skills they need to help address project failures. We offer a three day workshop in Project Management which is presented at a global standard.

The first day deals with obtaining an overview of project management.

We then teach participants quality control and quality management, which is a large, yet advanced part of project management. We further include risk assessment and organizational planning in this module.

The last phase of the course is procurement planning, planning and selection, contract administration, project integration, plan development and closing out.

As you can see the course is intense and devised to impart key knowledge rapidly.

Benefits: Powerful Project Management Course

  • Teach you the significance of time and setting of objectives and goals.
  • Provide you with the ability to prioritize  objectives and help  make the best use of your time.
  • Assist you in figuring out the best ways to estimate the resources that you will require in future tasks and set practical spending budgets.
  • Teach delegates the best way to produce documents for evaluation.
  • Teach delegates methods and procedures to control the entire project management process.
  • Risk Management concepts will be introduced
  • Learn techniques to measure the success or otherwise of projects


Powerful Project Management Course : Outline

  • Basic concepts of project management and commonly used methods.
  • The requirements of a project.
  • Project preparation and scope planning.
  • Scope description, confirmation and succession controls.
  • Time allocation.
  • Event development and supervision.
  • Analysis of resources and costs.
  • Budgeting and cost control.
  • Quality management.
  • Risk identification and management.
  • Risk analysis, response and control.
  • Organisational planning.
  • Staff acquisition and team building.
  • Planning and distribution of information.
  • Project performance and close out.
  • Procurement planning.
  • Contract administration and closeout.
  • Project integration and plan development.
  • Implementing plans and controlling change.
  • Execution, control, and project closeout.

Powerful Project Management Course : Days

3 Days

Who Should Attend: Powerful Project Management Course

  • Anybody who works with projects- whether as job supervisor, task staff member, organizer or senior supervisor
  • All managerial levels
  • Skills taught in this program relate to all sectors of company and government
  • People involved in capital execution and monitoring
  • Anyone who wishes to prevent project failure and improve the various tasks they do on a day to day basis.


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