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Managers need to  organize and oversee  an organization, project or sector within a business to achieve company goals.

How to Benefit From Managers Training ?

In order for a business to succeed you need high motivated and effective managers and leaders. Investment in management training is a key driver for business growth. See how management training can address key company objectives:

Manager courses can address key company objectives including:

Whatever your objectives are BOTI, a top SA Corporate Training Company, can assist you as we have over 400 Courses. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will tailor a course around your needs.

BOTI offer 400 courses (SETA Accredited if required) that can be held at your venue or at one of our venue. Our Aim is for you to achieve your company objectives.


Maxion Wheels – various interventions on Improving Efficiency (Six Sigma)   2021/2022

“Six Sigma was Concise Lively and Informative” ….“Very Informative, Systematic Approach”

Seaton Leather – various initiatives on Improving Efficiency (Six Sigma) – 2018

“From my side everything went well”…“Learning how to improve the process and avoid waste as much as we can”

Amanda Cunningham – Endeavour, Gold Mining

‘I gained better insight and understanding of Excel and am more comfortable operating the app.  I learnt formulas, pivot tables and consolidating.  The course was relaxed and informative.’

Bianca Steytler – Meridian Agrochemical Company (Pty) Ltd

‘I learnt a lot of new formulas and tricks to automate processes.  What went well for me was hands-on learning with examples from our own work put into perspective.  The best thing about this course was formulas and actual examples to practice on.’

Kelly-anne Smith – Meridian Agrochemical Company (Pty) Ltd

‘What went well for me was the use of formulas and pivot tables and I now have more knowledge on how to use Excel better.’

Katrien de Ridder – Meridian Agrochemical Company (Pty) Ltd

‘I learned new skills regarding formulas, functions and pivot tables..

Diederick Klopper – Meridian Agrochemical Company (Pty) Ltd

‘I can now easily set up my data into Excel.’

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